Friday, March 31, 2006

fifty facts

  • 1. If I had been a boy, my parents would have named me Paul Christopher.
  • 2. I love the smell of fresh laundry.
  • 3. My favorite morning pick-me-up is Earl Grey tea.
  • 4. I like dark chocolate better than milk chocolate.
  • 5. I was 33 when I met my husband and 35 when I married him.
  • 6. Aside from one pair of pink and two pairs of red, all my shoes are black.
  • 7. I love shoes, but I refuse to sacrifice comfort for style.
  • 8. I was born in Portland, Oregon, two weeks before the Tet offensive in Vietnam and a couple of months before the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • 9. I usually identify with the Myers-Briggs type INFP, but sometimes I wonder if I am more of an INTP thinker than a feeler.
  • 10. My ethnic heritage is German, Swiss, French-Canadian and English with a just a dash of (Protestant) Irish and Czech.
  • 11. I put mayonnaise on my hotdogs. Most people think it's gross.
  • 12. I took four years of high school and college French, plus community-ed conversation courses, but I learned more Spanish in the one month I spent on a Rotary Club trip to Argentina.
  • 13. I was 1 year old the first time I saw the ocean, and my dad says when he put me down on the sand, I started running straight toward the water.
  • 14. My first airplane ride was to San Francisco to visit my aunt when I was going into eighth grade.
  • 15. My first trip out of the country (not including Canada) was during my junior year of college when I studied abroad at the University of Melbourne in Australia for a semester.
  • 16. I seldom put on a full face of makeup, but I never leave the house without lipstick.
  • 17. I can't bring myself to go vegetarian, but I won't buy meat that isn't humanely raised and chemical free. Except when I am craving a Whopper.
  • 18. My cat George, who died in 2003, used to lick my toes with his rough tongue. I loved it.
  • 19. I have a phobia about anyone touching the front of my neck. Except me.
  • 20. I have loved the name Hannah for years, but now it's too popular to name a daughter.
  • 21. It took two-and-a-half years and five intrauterine inseminations to get me pregnant at age 37.
  • 22. I wear my pair of black Danskos almost every day.
  • 23. The soft sound of rain falling outside is comforting to me.
  • 24. I cry when I hear the song Porcelain by Moby. It reminds me of heartbreak, and when I met my husband, I found out that it makes him sad, too, because it reminds him of the same thing.
  • 25. I think British comedy is brilliant, from Monty Python to BBC's original The Office.
  • 26. One of my greatest fears is losing my mind to Alzheimer's when I get old. Or losing my husband when he is young.
  • 27. I graduated with an English major from Columbia University in NYC.
  • 28. I get bored watching football, but I like watching World Cup soccer because it's fast-paced and the men are so good-looking.
  • 29. I love dreams. Having them, writing them down, thinking about them, finding insight in them. Sometimes I contemplate becoming a Jungian analyst for that reason.
  • 30. I love to hike. Some of my most transcendent moments have occured in the middle of a tall forest.
  • 31. I collect the state quarters, from both the Denver and Philadelphia mints. I have every state so far, but I still need some of the Philadelphia mint ones.
  • 32. I can whistle through my tongue, but only when I'm inhaling.
  • 33. I love taking photographs. Some people do scrapbooks; I do photo albums.
  • 34. I have seen the movie Valley Girl, starring Nicholas Cage, more times than I can count. All but one of those times was during high school, and the last time was when I rented it with my husband last year.
  • 35. I was raised Catholic and am a practicing Catholic now, but I drifted away from it during college and stayed away for most of my 20s.
  • 36. If I were to join a religious order, it would probably be the Benedictines because I love their focus on hospitality, finding the holiness in every moment, and seeing each person as Christ.
  • 37. My eyes are pure brown, which usually feels boring, although a man once compared them to caramel, which made me feel glamourous.
  • 38. I first got contact lenses when I made the cheerleading squad in ninth grade. I didn't want to be the only cheerleader with glasses, but I was still a brainy, geeky girl at heart. A brainy, geeky girl who was good at dancing.
  • 39. I have always admired people who have a clear sense of purpose and direction in their lives. Sometimes envied them.
  • 40. My favorite flowers are peonies, tulips and roses.
  • 41. When I'm cooking, I can really immerse myself in the moment and forget about my troubles.
  • 42. Cashmere socks are one of the best things about winter.
  • 43. I landed my first journalism job thanks to an editor I met when I was teaching at the local high school in Greenville, Mississippi. A few years later, I wrote his obituary when he died of lung cancer.
  • 44. I read every page of Oprah magazine every month.
  • 45. That thing that Bill Clinton did to Monica Lewinsky with the cigar? I know it was wrong, but reading about it in the investigation report was kind of exciting.
  • 46. I adore the Harry Potter books and cannot wait until our son is old enough for me to read them to him - or to read them himself, God willing.
  • 47. Ballet is a combination of spiritual artistry, physical exercise and mental stimulation, and that's why I love taking adult ballet classes.
  • 48. I wore Petite Cherie cologne on my wedding day.
  • 49. Sylvia Plath and Raymond Carver are two writers whose work can really mess with my head.
  • 50. I would love to spend a summer - or a year - living in western Ireland.

    liz p. said...

    Funny, for #1 my husbands name is Christopher Paul and I was supposed to be a boy and be Christopher as well.

    (And I like Mayo on my hot dogs too...)

    Ellen said...

    Mayonnaise? Can't stand it. In a commercial I recently saw for it, they showed layers of it squirting out from under the top slice of bread as a body-less hand was pushing together a sandwich and it literally turned my stomach and made me realize (again) c'est porqui je deteste le mayonaise.
    PS — I didn't know we had Swiss and Chzek in us! Maybe that explains the curls, eh?

    Anonymous said...