Friday, April 14, 2006

a good friday indeed

People say to me: Oh, you're due in August? Summer is a hell of a time to be pregnant.

To which my usual reply is: That's why we're getting central air installed this month!

And today was the day. The beginning of it, anyway. A couple of guys from the heating and air conditioning company (the same one that replaced our furnace two years ago) came over this afternoon and dug up our peony bushes (blegh) and drilled a big loud hole into the side our our house, and voila! We now have a Maytag central air conditioner and outside condensation unit all ready to go. The system's not running yet, though. An electrician has to come hook it up, and then the guys will come back and turn it on. It should be done by the end of the month, though.

Ingrid spent the entire time burrowed under the covers of our bed, hiding in the least conspicuous spot she possibly could have chosen: the crooked end of the body pillow I use to help me sleep on my side. (I'm not supposed to sleep on my back anymore.) Poor kitty. It took me 20 minutes to find her after the crew left.

As I write, Steve is outside replanting the peonies in a shady spot next to the garage. I hope they'll take root - I'd been hoping the guys could put the condensation unit somewhere that wouldn't require unearthing them, but that wasn't to be. And I am doing probably the only thing that will come close to a religious observance for us today: cooking a beans and rice dish (flavored with mint), with roasted asparagus on the side, as our Good Friday meatless meal. I poached some chicken for myself to mix in because I need a lot of protein right now - and pregnant women are exempt from Lenten fasting regulations.

Baby update: I had my 22-week checkup with the OB this morning. There was sugar in my urine. So the doctor wants me to take the test for gestational diabetes in two weeks, rather than four. I hope-hope-hope that my high sugar level was from the Lindt dark chocolate truffle bar I ate yesterday and not gestational diabetes. I guess that means no Easter candy for me this weekend. (Well, maybe just a tiny bit.)

On a good note, Steve and I ran into Roxy and her mom and Baby Eva outside the elevator to the parking lot as we were leaving. What a coincidence! It was great to see them.

Happy Easter to everyone out there who celebrates it!

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