Sunday, April 2, 2006


It's a rainy Sunday afternoon. Steve is at a Timberwolves game with a friend, and I'm sitting in my favorite chair, deciding not to do much of anything today because my stretching uterus muscles ache when I get in and out of my seat or walk around too much. My sister-in-law came over with her baby earlier, and we chatted over slices of cherry pie, and it was nice to have their company.

We rented two movies last night: The Exorcism of Emily Rose and The Squid and the Whale. Let me warn you now - if you scare easily, do not rent the unrated version of Emily Rose. (Or perhaps, more accurately, do not entrust your husband to go out and rent the movie and not tell you until the next morning, "Honey, I have to tell you something. That wasn't the PG-13 version I rented.") From all the reviews I'd read, I was expecting mildly freaky, mostly courtroom drama. Instead, I almost broke Steve's arm from clutching it so hard. I did like The Squid and the Whale a lot, though, despite the complete dysfunction of the family and the utterly self-centered father. It was sad, but well-written and occasionally funny and sweet.


liz said...

Hmmmm... I just looked up the synopsis of "Emily Rose" and it looks really good and interesting. Is it worth watching the PG-13 version? (I'm sorry you were traumatized by the unrated version - I can only imagine what that was like!)

Emilie said...

Liz, it's actually very interesting, and despite the scariness, I've spent a lot of time Googling information about the movie and the real-life case upon which it was based (a German girl in the 1970s). Not to mention that three of my coworkers have seen it, so we've had quite a discussion about exorcism, demonic possession, etc. I was actually thinking about blogging about some of my thoughts about it, so maybe I will later. :)

I do recommend it! (I don't know what they cut when they made the PG-13 version, so I can't answer that.) I think one reason it was so frightening to me was that I really don't know what I believe about demons and such. (I mean, if I believe in God, does that mean automatically that I believe in the devil?) And in the movie (kind of a spoiler), people associated with the trial started to be surrounded by some dark forces, which made me wonder: If it *is* real, could people who watch the movie also be susceptible to that? LOL - I sound so paranoid! But I *did* have trouble getting to sleep that night.

Ellen said...

Em, I also sometimes if I am susceptible to dark forces when I watch shows about demonic posession. Or if I am in a room alone and I'm scared that there is something unseen in there, if that state of mind in itself opens me up to some kind of supernatural force.
Jews believe in God but they don't believe in the devil. They believe in self improvement in the present moment and living life to meet standards set by God, and self-improvement if you are not meeting the "bar," so to speak. Personally I jive with that philosophy.