Tuesday, May 23, 2006

baby's room, phase next

For those who are not around to peek into our nursery and see it in person ... (These photos, for some reason, look a bit lighter and more washed out on my monitor than they really are.)

We have a darling crib skirt and some crib sheets now, and some curtains, so the baby's room feels like it's coming together a little more.

We don't really have one brand name or theme carried through the entire room; we're mix-and-matching with items and colors that seem to go together. (And keep in mind that the furniture is a combination of old and new in a variety of colors! We call this "eclectic.") :) The skirt is in a nursery rhyme pattern (see below), and the sheets are in matching stripes and solids in green, blue and yellow, all from Carousel Designs, which is a nice Web site with affordable — yet great quality — bedding. (Sheets have high thread counts, for example, and elastic all the way around, not just on the corners.) The curtains, which are sheer with little stars, are from Wendy Bellissimo's Starlight pattern at Babies R Us.

Hopefully, we'll find a rug and some wall art at some point — the walls are just begging for decoration. And we'll be moving Steve's old dresser in as soon as we get a new one for our room.

The changing table is currently serving as a holding shelf for screwdrivers, gifts, plastic mattress wrapping, clothing and anything else we choose to throw on it.

Here's the drop skirt ...

... and the curtains. I haven't decided whether to put up valances. They're low on the priority list. (It would involve putting up an extra curtain rod, for one thing.) For now, I think this little Winnie the Pooh hooded after-bath towel looks quite charming up there! It's the first item of clothing we bought for him.

Sometimes I sit in the rocking chair in the lamplight and imagine how it will feel to have our son there, nursing him or watching him sleep. I just can't wait to meet this little guy! I like that the room feels calm, yet the green is cheerful and refreshing. (I read in some articles about nurseries and feng shui that newborns and infants can be overstimulated by having too many bright colors around them all the time, so it's nice to keep the nursery as a sort of sanctuary of calm and keep the bright stuff to toys and things until they're a little older.) It's definitely unisex, and hopefully not too feminine. Of course, our time with this room will be fleeting; once he's 2 or so, we'll look at redecorating in Big Boy colors and furniture. (Or we'll move!)


cynthia said...

You might want to hold off on a rug. Rugs hold dust and can be a monster on allergies and young children breathing.
Before buying a rug, I would ask that you consult with your doctor first.
Often, doctors will tell you to remove rugs from a very young child's room.
But as I said, consult with your doctor's first. A simple phone call should do it.

Emilie said...

Really? I had never heard that, but it makes sense, and I'll trust an experienced mom over a baby bedding catalog. :) I'll ask our doctor about it!

Susanne said...

Em, the nursery looks great! No, I'm not just saying that. You, Emilie, truly have an artistic touch. The light colors of the paint, the soft but boyish bedding print (of the soldiers); you and Steve really have the artistic touch.

Thanks so much, Em, for the birthday message a couple posts back. Business has kept me from reading the blog until today, but I wrote a comment on my birthday blog.

cynthia said...

Here's something I found on the Internet.But please, call your doctor first. Don't just go by what I say.
I didn't know that either about carpets. Most children will eventually outgrow these things though, according to my doctor and what I've read.
You may notice that a lot of parents are buying those colorful foam things (some of which are the alphabet) to put on the floor. They became popular as an alternative to carpet

While carpets are comprised of fibers that can be harmful for breathing and provide a home for dust particles, they serve as an excellent cushion for heads when little ones lose their balance. On the other hand, while wood floors allow for easy clean up and no carpet fibers, they cannot protect against possible head injuries when your child falls. A way around both these options is to use play mats, painted canvas rugs, or rubber mats in the room. This way, when your toddler’s motor skills are adequately developed, you could choose to put away the rug or mat.

liz said...

It looks fantastic, Emilie! I love the green - such a perfect color. And the bedding is beautiful!

I didn't know that about rugs, either. I will now blame my parents for my incessant dust allergies. ;)

Liz P. said...

Emilie, the room looks great. It has come such a long way since I saw it last. I'm sure little Lemmon Drop will feel right at home there!

cynthia said...

you know, with all of my "doom and gloom" stuff about the carpet, I never did say that the room looks nice.
And it does. I love the bed. I like the color you guys have selected for the wall. I like your bedding.