Friday, May 5, 2006

sing a song

We're having a baby
A beautiful baby
She's having my baby
I love the way Steve makes up little song lyrics and sings around the house when he's excited about something. It's something we both do, actually, but this morning it was him, getting ready for work at the bathroom sink while I was in the shower.

Seeing his utter happiness and excitement about this baby just melts my heart. I know how he feels. Last night at dinner I started crying out of the blue, burying my face in my hands, one of those sinking-in moments where it hits me what a miracle this pregnancy feels like. Sometimes I feel I can't contain my joy. I cry, he sings. Sometimes we both sing. The Lemmondrop is going to be so embarrassed someday!

1 comment:

Christina said...

Oh, Emilie, that is TOO cute! I love Steve's impromptu song.

I'm glad you two are embracing the joy of becoming parents -- and yes, the overwhelming, tear-inducing miracle of it all. Thank you for sharing it with us!