Friday, May 12, 2006

things to do on my friday off

  • First and foremost: Wish a happy, happy birthday to Cynthia!!!
  • Go for a checkup at the OB. (Done.)
  • Get film developed so I can contest a parking ticket (found on my windshield as I was leaving for work last week) by proving to the best of my ability that the two nearest no-parking signs on our street were lying face-down on the curb and there was no way I could have known not to park in front of my own damn house.
  • Go downtown to contest said ticket.
  • Check out library book (The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer).
  • Renew checked-out library books.
  • Check e-mail and feed Internet addiction by logging onto library computer (where I am right now), as home computer's On button decided to stop working last night.
  • Take home computer to repair place and prepare to be without it for a couple of weeks, potentially. *Silent scream*
  • Order cake for Steve's little graduation get-together Sunday.
  • Pick up cake this afternoon, as I won't be able to get it tomorrow because we'll be gone to a wedding all day.
  • Buy food and drinks for GTG.
  • Clean house for GTG, as we won't have time to do it Sunday morning because we'll be at Mother's Day brunch with relatives.
  • Go for bikini and lip wax.
  • Buy kitty litter when Steve gets home because I'm not supposed to carry heavy things.
  • Use the remaining 29 minutes on this computer to answer this week's Friday Five:

1. Describe a memorable conference, retreat, workshop or convention you've attended. A few weeks before I moved to Minnesota, I attended a workshop on dreams, held at a church in Jackson, Mississippi. It was really illuminating and helped me resolve some closure issues that I needed to resolve as I took the huge step of packing up my life and moving here.

2. Tell us about a memorable speaker or preacher you've heard. At a conference? (I've heard plenty of memorable speakers through my job, but I'll stick to conferences.) I'll say Mary Higgins Clark, who spoke at a work conference in Chicago a few years ago. I love hearing novelists talk about the writing process. Garrison Keillor was pretty funny, too.

3. Do you attend all of the scheduled events, or play hooky? If the latter,
what do you do with your free time?
I admit I play hooky from workshops and speakers that don't interest me. The last out-of-town conference I attended was in Dallas, and I spent a lot of time in my bikini by the hotel pool. (And I noticed I wasn't the only one.) In Chicago, where the conference hotel was right on Michigan Avenue, I had a grand time at the art museum!

4. Do you like having a roommate or would you rather have a room to
I like having my own room, but I don't mind a roommate if we get along.

5. What's the most exotic location you've conferenced or retreated? I can't think of any place very exotic. Dallas was a place I'd never been before, but I wouldn't call it exotic.

Have good weekends, friends and family!

1 comment:

Cynthia said...

Thank you so much for the happy birthday wish.

here goes:
1. I recently attended a class for crime scene investigators that I thought was just fascinating. I don't know if is one of the best, but it is the most recent and did enjoy it.
2.I love listening to a pastor at Love and Faith Fellowship in Greenboro. He mixes the need for spiritural awareness with self awareness and is constantly encouraging us to read, think, reason and to be leaders. So many pastor like to tell their congregants to be followers.
3. If I am at a conference, I'll check out the city. I once ditched a company-paid conference, rented a vehicle and drove to a nearby city to visit a friend.
4. I would rather not have a roommate. You have to be modest in front of others. On your own, you can fart at will.
5. Note to self, sign up for more reteats.