Thursday, May 11, 2006

ways with words

"If she were fabric she'd be key-lime green gingham silk dupioni."
Isn't that a kick-ass phrase? I wish I wrote like that. It comes from my favorite blogger-I've-never-met, Stephanie Klein, who used it to describe a new friend. (For those who don't know about her, she's a New Yorker sometimes described by the buzz press as "the next Carrie Bradshaw." I've been reading her blog since I saw a New York Times article about her last summer. She's just moved to Austin and has a book based on her blog exploits coming out soon.)

Johanna had a good turn of phrase today, too, in an e-mail when she talked about how she's "drinking Kaopectate like it's vodka." (Get better soon, Jo.) Hmm. If Johanna were fabric, she'd be something bright, free-flowing, outdoorsy, flirty, a little bit out of control, like her curly hair. Something red or orange, maybe a flippy parachute silk, with tiny dots.

I love this idea. Like, last night's doula would be dusky purple silk of some kind. The one we hired would be a softly crisp, creamy cotton, like really good sheets that you can't stop inhaling. What would I be? Maybe a celadon-green linen? Natural, comfortable and sometimes a little rumpled, not too flashy. Or on some days, when I'm feeling passionate and emotional and special, maybe a deep-red cashmere, the kind you have to get in close and touch to recognize.

This post begs for comments ... so I'll put it out there: What fabric are you? Or, if fabricizing yourself is too hard (I think it is!), do somebody else. :)


Cynthia said...

I think I would be denim, strong and durable, able to last for years, yet comfortable and relax. Though you can dress up denim some what with accessories, you can always tell that it's denim no matter what you add to it or how you change its colors. In the end, denim just seems most comfortable in a down home environment.

Liz P. said...

I've been trying to figure out what I might be, but I'm not translating well into fabrics...What do you think?

Ugh, I'm trying to figure out someone else too, but failing. I guess I just don't think in fabrics. A cool description though.

Emilie said...

It's hard, isn't it?

But I think you are definitely something colorful and strong, Liz. Fuschia, or a mauve or purple of some kind is coming to mind. (This is my memory of you at our Mall of America "book club" dinner coming to mind!) Or maybe a deep forest green. And fabric ... hmmm. Maybe one of those textured weaves of silk? Nothing too flimsy. What do you think?

And Cynthia, I like your choice. That seems to fit.

Liz P said...

Hmmm, interesting. I'll take Fuschia or purple. :)

I'll take the silk too. I was thinking of a satin for a while because it has some weight but I don't know if I'm that *shiny* Maybe even a silk knit of sorts? I don't know.

This got me thinking about colors. I know what color I'd *like* to be but I'm not sure if it is the color that I actually *am.* That is of course, if you can say that colors can be descriptive of personality, which is at least partially true.

This would be an interesting poll.

Cynthia said...

I didn't address my color, but considering I see myself as denim, I think classic blue would suit me well. Though denim isn't sexy, it is liked by a lot of people and it wears well. The right pair of jeans can make you look and feel really good. A good pair of jeans is something that is desired by children and those in their senior years.
Plus denim has a little weight to it.... Do I need to say any more? (smile)

Emilie said...

I think denim can be very sexy, Cynthia.

And Liz, that's my trouble with this, too - I tend to think of what I'm drawn to rather than what I "am." (I'm sure there's some overlap there.) Plus, I tend to overanalyze the metaphor. Heck, I tend to overthink a lot of things! ;-) It was easier to do with the doulas, whom I barely know, than people I know well. Maybe it's because my impressions of them are still unformed, so there's not much to analyze, and I'm forced to go outside my head and use my gut. :)

Anonymous said...

Emilie, I am treating myself to an afternoon of being with you! What fun. I will comment on the fabric, just a thought, blue cotton. What do you think? I have also begun to wear hats everywhere, (medically for my eyes and head) and get so many comments on them I love it. Loved the picture of "little Stephen". You two are great and he will be the most loved baby there is. Love you, Jo Ann

Ellen said...

Hmmm....I like Cynthia's choice of denim fabric that's versatile, comfortable, durable and popular. So next to denim, if I were a fabric I would be a thin, faded khaki, narrow-ribbed courderoy. I have seen this used in pants, jackets, dresses, purses, shoes, you name it. On women, a tight pair of bootcut pants made with this fabric paired with black boots, a fitted jacket, a gawdy handbag and a pair of fabulous hoop earrings looks stunning. Perfect for town and country. This fabric is worn all over the world by all ages and it takes great imagination to discover all the ways to maximize its essence.

Ellen said...

The downside to this fabric is has to be careful. The fabric will work against a person if it's worn wrong, mismatched and not cared for! The best quality can be expensive too.