Tuesday, June 6, 2006

thirty down, ten to go

Thirty weeks is probably just a number when it comes to pregnancy — it's not a new trimester or a new month — but it feels like a a milestone to me! Kind of like when Steve and I were counting down to our wedding, and we hit the 100-days-to-go mark. Ten weeks until my due date. I'm three-quarters of the way through with this pregnancy.

What was I doing ten weeks ago? It was the last week of March. Still Lent. This blog was just a week old. We'd just gotten back from our trip to New York, and the news that we are having a boy was still fresh in our minds. According to my Filofax, I had an acupucture appointment ten weeks ago Monday — but I completely blanked out on it and forgot to go. Instead, I took some film to be developed at Proex and walked up and down Grand Avenue browsing at Pottery Barn and Cooks of Crocus Hill while I waited. That time of early spring seems kind of distant now, like the freshness has worn off. It feels like we've done a lot since then — gone to Nebraska, prepared the baby's room, shifted into the warm-weather season — but really, it hasn't been very long. In that same amount of time, I will (God willing) be having this baby! August feels like it's just around the corner.

Only ten weeks left to be pregnant. As excited as I am to meet this baby boy in person and for his father to hold him for the first time (I've been "holding" him for almost seven months!), I'm also kind of sad — I will miss being pregnant. I will miss feeling his kicks and watching my tummy surface ripple as he flips and turns. I will miss watching my body change in what seem like miraculous ways. But I have to admit, there are some things I will be glad to have back:
  • The space to bend over and tie my shoes.
  • The ability to sleep on my back, free of acid reflux, leg cramps and multiple trips to the bathroom (though of course there will be multiple trips to feed the baby).
  • The lightness and freedom of my body to run, jump, do ballet.
  • The ability to sneeze and laugh hard without the risk of major leakage.
  • Walks free of backaches and groin soreness.
  • A glass of red wine.
  • Not that I'm complaining. Pregnancy has its challenges, but I am so grateful to be here that I wouldn't trade the heaviness, soreness, sleep problems and incontinence for anything!

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    Monkeymama said...

    Enjoy the last ten weeks! I was amazed at how it seemed like I already knew Beck - she acted very similar inside and outside of the womb. Sometimes I still miss having her all to myself in there. I remember eating something sugary at the start of meetings and then feeling her kick up a storm 30 min. later. She used to wake Greg up with her kicking in the night when he was right next to me!