Sunday, July 30, 2006


Yesterday, at a matinee showing of Clerks II, I laughed harder than I've laughed at a movie in a long time. It's quite possibly the most politically incorrect movie I've ever seen, with the number of taboos it takes on — I alternately giggled and "uggggh"-ed throughout the movie. But in one scene, I was belly-laughing so uncontrollably that I could be heard throughout the theater. Other people started laughing (whether because of me or the scene, I don't know), and pretty soon Steve caught the bug, and we sat there leaning against each other shaking with laughter, and tears rolled down my face. It's that scene where the geeky 19-year-old co-worker explains to Randall why he hasn't had sex with his girlfriend yet. I cannot possibly reconstruct the scene here in writing (except to say that his girlfriend was taught by her parents that she has a troll living in her nether regions), but if you ever see the movie, you'll know exactly what I mean. I hope. I'm still laughing about it today!

Friday night, we saw the new Woody Allen movie Scoop, which also made us both giggle. I like Woody's new London phase — this and Match Paint — and Scarlett Johansen (who has been in both of them) was surprisingly fun to watch in a comedy role. I've been a Woody Allen fan for a long time, but some of his more recent movies (before the London ones) haven't been very good. This is a nice comeback!

That's what we've been doing to keep cool this weekend. That and staying in our air-conditioned house and taking lots of naps. Tonight I got a burst of energy and made tomato soup and a berry pie, which turned out too watery, but that hasn't stopped me from eating two pieces.

Summer is slow and lazy, and I feel even more so, now that our baby countdown is edging up on two weeks to go. My belly itches all the time, and simple things like getting out of bed are huge productions. I'm huge and heavy and slow, and I'm frankly glad that (after one last deadline day on Tuesday) I'm not going to work anymore. I'm ready to meet this baby!

Is he ready to meet us? I don't know yet. The doctor Friday, after my weekly exam, told us he can feel his head now through my cervix, so he's dropped a little bit in the past week, but he's definitely not fully engaged. (He's at about minus 2 centimeters, for anyone who knows what that means.) My cervix is thinned out at about 50 percent, and I haven't dilated yet. Hopefully he's on track for an Aug. 14 delivery or earlier!


Ellen said...

Em, I am so glad you had fun at the movie! I can relate. I was the same way during Anchorman. A friend and I shared a pitcher of beer at the pub/theater we saw it at and I was laughing/shrieking so hard, even during those cuts they show with the credits. All the people filing out were making comments about my uncontrollable laughter.
Thanks for the review. I'll definitely check out Clerks II for some comedy relief!

Cynthia said...

I can not believe that you... Emilie... went to see such a cheeky movie....LOL.

I expect you to sit through something very high brow... not that....LOL.

I love that you went and I love that you loved it. Everyone needs to smile more.

Now, I want to see it, but then again, I am cheeky so that's expected. LOL.

Oh, oh, wait....speaking of movies, I got a chance to see 36 premiers on Saturday.
I had to do a story on the 48-Hour Film Project. Have you ever heard of That? It is a project where filmakers are given 48 hours to write, direct, produce and edit a film that is four to seven minutes long. The film makers select a movie style from a hat and are given three things that they have to have in each movie. For the Greensboro crew, it was bubble wrap, a character named Mr. or Mrs. Jones and the line. "It's just like my mother always said."
If they didn't say it or do it right, their film was disqualifed.
Some of the films were crap, of course, but some of them were laugh out loud hoots!!!!
I had the best time viewing them that I plan to try to get a part in one of them in 2007 when I'm in Chicago.

Emilie said...

Cynthia, that film project sounds so funny! I'll bet it was fun to watch.

For the record, it was Steve's movie pick! ;-) But I did go willingly ... I had seen the first Clerks many years ago, after all (in Greenville!)

Emilie said...

P.S. Ellen ... I think we laughed pretty hard at Anchorman, too!