Tuesday, July 25, 2006

the news that made my day

I know you don't all know Carrie, but go over and take a look at today's entries on her blog. After three years of trying to get pregnant — the multitude of medical tests, injections, negative pregnancy tests, dashed hopes, incredible emotional ups and down, and most recently in vitro fertilization with donated eggs from a woman who has become her soul sister — Carrie got that faint pink line on a pregnancy test today — for the first time in her life. She is pregnant!!!

Carrie, if you're reading, congratulations 100 times over! I know you and Chris must be feeling a mixture of giddyness and disbelief tonight. I remember when it happened to us. The pink line was so faint that we barely believed it was there. We tilted the stick back and forth under a lamp to make sure our eyes weren't playing tricks on us. Even when I tested again the next morning and the line was a little darker, I still couldn't bring myself to believe in the line. Not until the next day, when I went for the blood test, and the nurse called me back and gave me the numbers (68 HCG, 14 progesterone) and told me I was pregnant.

So Carrie, I know you must be holding back the full fountain of joy I know is welling up inside you, even as you begin to allow that this might be actually happening. But believe it! And know that I am so incredibly excited for you! I pray that your little baby — or babies! — stick and stay healthy for the next nine months. What a miraculous moment!

Addendum: Steve just got home, and I showed him the picture of the positive test, and then I showed him this post about seeing a ray of light after a thunderstorm on the North Shore this weekend. Carrie wrote: "Could this be our light cutting through the darkness of 3 years of infertility? Steve stood there shaking his head and said, "That's amazing. Just incredible. Just amazing." Suffice to say he joins me in our good wishes, Carrie.


Carrie said...

Oh wow, Em
I am sitting here crying with joy reading this. The prayers, love and support from you is priceless. thank you a million times over. thank you.
I am just praying it sticks GOOD and that that line gets darker til my beta # on Thursday!

Emilie said...

Hugs to you too, Carrie!

Laura said...

Yippee!!! I'm smiling ear to ear!!