Friday, August 11, 2006

no closer

No progress. That was the prognosis from today's weekly OB appointment. This boy seems happily ensconced in my uterus, and my body shows no signs of getting closer to labor. Nothing has changed in the past three visits. Meanwhile, my due date is Sunday, so unless things start to happen very quickly, he's probably going to go past it.

We're talking about me going in a few times next week to have a prostaglandin gel inserted into me that (hopefully) would help ripen my cervix and beckon labor to come closer. The doctor tells us that prostaglandin is also found in semen, so maybe we will put the itching and general discomfort aside and see if we can't speed things along this weekend. ;-) I am crossing my fingers that prostaglandin is all I'll need to get labor started naturally. I'd still prefer that over being induced with pitocin. But that may be out of my control.

We'll see what happens. I'm not really upset about this. More just curious as heck about how it's all going to unfold! We're not really in control, are we? Suddenly it puts that song in my head: Que sera sera ... whatever will be will be ... the future's not ours to see ... que sera sera.


LutherLiz said...

Bummer! I hope you have some fun speeding things along *wink* Try to relax and stay comfy!

barbara said...

But, about "speedxing things along"--aren't we talking major gymanstic feats of agility here? Wow. :)