Friday, August 4, 2006

she kissed him until timbuktu

We are finally replacing the ancient, rusted-out refrigerator that has probably been in this house since the 1970s, or at least the 80s, and is probably responsible for a large bulk of our energy bill each month. The new Kenmore model (Energy Star rating! Number two on Consumer Reports!) will arrive Tuesday, which gives us the weekend to clean out our old one, inside and out.

And that means dismantling the magnetic refrigerator poetry that has accumulated there over the past four years. It's the one task that makes me feel kind of sad and nostalgic. Steve and I composed most of the verses, but other friends have contributed lines here and there, too. The surface of our refrigerator has become a messy mish-mash of romance and goofiness in words and pictures. Our life.

Will we put the magnets back up and let them fall into new, random verses? Or will they end up in a Zip-loc bag, thrown in a drawer somewhere? I suspect the latter, at least at first. I don't have the heart to start over right now, just like I wouldn't have the heart to get a new cat if Ingrid died. For now, in honor of memory and posterity, I hereby present our poetic endeavors in no particular order, but mostly from top to bottom as I jotted them down:
Who Is Your God?
Children See Love
More Delicate Than Light
Death Alone Won't Guarantee Roses
New Poetry Not Good Break
She Kissed Him Until Timbuktu
Love Bring Soul Beauty
Summer Afternoon Rain So Sublime
Pray Thee Heaven
Smile , Whisper
White Sugar Girl
Hurricane Moon Sing Black
Body Climb Unite Forever
You Have My Heart Always
Oh Dance Together In The Winter Twilight
Sun Sea Spirit Fire Appetite
Dream Now
Sex : Ooh Wee !
Crave Chocolate Everything
Our Romance Dearest
None Compare To Mother And Father ; Need Psychiatrist
Go Get Water At The Spring
Beautiful Night Then Quiet Grace
Ding-a-ling Bourgeoisie
Never Let Truth Leave
Uptight Knight Don't Fall
Anatomy Of A Marriage
Voodoo Athiest By Day
Reason Make Thought
Do Desire Laughter Virtue Art Birth
Was Some Risqué Kalamazoo Fling
We Like To Try Bad Pentameter Rhyme

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Susanne said...

Oh Em, what a wonderful refrigerator picture! I recognize the magnet you got at Saturday Market - I have a similar one (that you bought me) on my fridge.