Thursday, November 30, 2006

thoughts for thursday

We have daycare! A slot reserved, that is, beginning in March, when I go back to work. It's the Montessori place I visited last week. Steve and I went back yesterday for a second look, as well as to another daycare I'd checked out in MacGroveland which in the end gave us the willies. In the past week, I've seen four, and I definitely liked the Montessori one the best. But it was good to nail down what things we like (a low teacher-to-baby ratio, cleanliness, teachers who rock the babies to sleep if needed) and don't like (babies left crying in their cribs, teachers who snap at toddlers, babies with colds). This place feels fantastic, and it's right on the way to and from work. (Oh, and Lisa, we have to bring our own food, which is probably a good thing, even if it's less convenient.) :)

After we signed up yesterday (and forked over the money to hold our spot), I felt elated and 1,000 pounds lighter. I know Daniel will be in good hands. Yet and still, even though I only plan to have him there part time, I still feel sad to think that our baby — who is currently lying in my lap cooing up at me — will be away from us, the people he has learned to trust will take care of him no matter what. I was thinking about this as we lay crashed out on the big bed this morning, having our 9 to 11 a.m. nap. He opens his eyes, and I am there. Life as it should be. *Sniff.* Well, as some of you pointed out, this is all a work in progress. And of course, there are also moments when I feel relieved that I will get some time off to be a grownup and keep up my professional skills.

* * *

Tomorrow, we leave for a weekend in Mississippi, for a party celebrating the 50-year wedding anniversary of two dear friends in Greenville. So much yet to do and figure out before we go: laundry, charging electronic batteries, what do about a car seat, how to pack for a baby, making sure my toiletries meet the new federal standards, wondering if they will be cool with me breastfeeding on the plane or if I should bring a bottle, cancelling newspapers for the weekend. This will be our first plane trip with Daniel. And the three-hour drive from Memphis to Greenville will be the longest road trip to date, too. That drive through the Delta is long, flat and town-by-town monotonous. I just wonder where on Highway 61 we'll stop if I need to feed him.

* * *

On top of all this preparation, I have a lector workshop tonight at church. Must remember to tape Grey's Anatomy

* * *

And it is below 20 degrees, which means we may not get our walk in today. Unless we go to the mall, which is a definite maybe.

* * *

Except that it's almost 2:00, and I'm not dressed yet.

* * *

Daniel is finally showing some interest in being worn in a sling. The key is to let him sit facing outward because he loooves to look around. He does not like being confined in a swaddled position, which was our only option when he was first born. This is great! It means I can carry him around while I do laundry, etc., and have both hands free. And maybe by the time he's 3, he'll think it's fun to help me out around the house!

* * *

L.L. Bean makes some surprisingly well-fitting pants! I love that I don't have to get them hemmed.

* * *

Well, Danmaster Flash is making it so very clear that he is tired of sitting on my lap, so that's it, folks. Have good weekends!


Monkeymama said...

Have fun on your weekend trip! We've logged so many hours in the car with Rebecca, and normally it isn't so bad.

I hope you don't feel like you can't nurse on the plane. Do what you are most comfortable with, but there is no reason they should give you trouble for nursing a 3 month old. That's what they do, nurse.

Oh, and the day care sounds really great!

Ellen said...

Em, is this your first trip back to Miss. since you left?? It will be nice to get away from the cold and visit your old stomping grounds, where your life was a total 180 from what it is now. Awwww.....
Good choice with the daycare. Will you work full or part-time?
I agree about the nursing. I see women nurse pretty much anywhere, just get a window seat if you feel wierd about it. You can cover up with a blanket.
I sent you my Christmas list just to have it, I'm not sure if you have already gotten my gift yet :-)

Susanne said...

Hey Em,
I'm so thrilled that you found a good situation for when you go back to part-time work!

Andrea, who posted on this site a few months ago, has some stories about when she sent her baby to daycare (she's also back to work part-time, as a teacher). Her site is (I'm not expecting you have to contact her; just an idea).