Thursday, December 14, 2006

can someone explain this to me?

Chase, the company that owns my credit card, sent a copy of its privacy policy to me the other day. I don't always read those things, but I thought I'd read this one, since it was written in an easy-to-follow Q&A format. Here's my favorite part:
"You may tell us not to share information with you about you with non-financial companies outside of our family of companies [including retailers, auto dealers, auto makers, direct marketers, membership clubs and publishers]. Even if you do tell us not to share, we may do so as required or permitted by law."
I don't get it. Why even give us the choice to opt out?


Laywer Wannabe said...

That's really pretty easy. Read "share" as "sell". It's possible that Chase may sell your information to GM as someone who may qualify to finance a new car for example. Also, your purchase history on the card may be useful to a company marketing, I don't know...strollers. You may reqest that they not make these disclosueres, and therefore you, Steve, and heck probably even Daniel will recieve far less junk mail and unwanted phone calls. (Incidentally, never get a student loan.)

There are, however, times when Chase may be compelled by law to make certain disclosures about your finances more directly. All they mean to say is that there could exist a time that you cannot opt out of a disclosure.

Pardon me, I'm still in exam mode.

Disclaimer: The foregoing does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon before any tribunal. It merely reflect the opinions of someone who should be doing somthing else with his time.

Anonymous said...

My "laywer" wannabe husband *who apologizes for his stress induced typo* informed me that IRAC stands for...

Issue, Rule, Anaylsis, Conclusion

- Liz, who still can't log in.

Emilie said...

Well, bah humbug. :)

Cynthia said...

Okay, first off, I must say I'm sorry, Emilie. I'm sorry, I'm sorry what I am about to do.
I am now officially in the process of "hijacking" this post.
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Please help. I know it's not a huge decision, but I would like to get some views others than my own.

Again, I am so sorry for the "hijacking," Emilie.

Now return to your regular posts.

Ray said...

Why do they send out this crap to people if it's all hyper-lawyer-ly? As if we'll send it over to our attorneys on retainer to check it out, then decide whether or not to continue keeping a VISA? What's the point?

Please write these things for laypeople, y'all, or save some trees. (A rule corporate America could remember more often: I'm already wondering why receipts are getting so insanely long. Home Depot has stuff labeled as "energy saving" all over the place and then the receipts are a foot long, even if you just by a lightbulb.)

Ray said...

I smell an Andy Rooney rant in there somewhere.

liz said...

Writing stuff for laypeople includes not using acronyms that non-lawyers don't understand! ;)

That's kind of a hilarious paragraph, Emilie. I concur with Chris' analysis but they really worded it in a funny way!

Chris said...

Thanks for the tip Liz. Speaking of acronyms, it's old news, but did you hear about TC, who is not teaching PR this year, and her DUI?

liz said...

Chris, yup, I've unfortunately heard all about it. It's insane...

Hope finals went well! :)