Monday, January 22, 2007

two short, unrelated thoughts

I'm not a football fan, really, but I am ridiculously thrilled that the Indianapolis Colts are going to the Superbowl at last! Living in Mississippi gave me a real appreciation for Peyton Manning, not to mention his dad Archie, a former Saints star. Wouldn't it have been cool if the Saints had beat the Bears and gone ahead to face the Colts this year?

Out of the blue last Friday, I was offered chance to do a freelance piece for someone I've written for in the past. $500. Is that a sign?


Susanne said...

Good for the Colts! I wonder if "colt" refers to male horse, being that Indiana is so close to Kentucky, the racehorse-breeding state!

Last year, Seattle Seahawkes went to Superbowl. Was a disasterous game, but at least they went!

About the freelance gig, all I can say is, TAKE IT!!! See where it leads you.

Ray said...

That was a such a big deal here in New Orleans, the game and the whole Saints performance, in large part due to how much the city's suffered in the past year. You can't imagine the craziness.

Sunday was depressing, so I haven't much contemplated Manning's career (love his commercials, I can tell you that much). But I ate a Saints cupcake a lunch today, as a tribute, my little sports equivalent of holding up a lighter at a concert. Still proud of them.

LutherLiz said...

I was torn about the Colts. I'm glad they beat the Patriots and I really admire Peyton. On the other hand I am a semi-Bears fan and I was really rooting for the Saints given the circumstances. So now I don't know who to cheer for. I'm glad for the Colts though.

As for the gig, it will be a great test to see if you can write an article in between caring for Daniel. If it isn't a sign it can at least be an aid to your decision making.

Kristine said...

we are also thrilled that the Colts won! I think David was close to tears when they won!! Woo hoo!
Great news on the freelance thing - it's wonderful and I am seconding the "sign"

Cindy and Eric Dorfner said...

I'm completely thrilled with the Colts victory. Being the biggest Colts fan I know, it's been a long time coming. And, it was fitting we had to beat the Pats to get there. I'm not sure who will win (I never talk smack for my team), but because of the rivalry, I think Sunday night's game was far better than the Super Bowl could ever be.