Sunday, February 4, 2007

burping on command

"Can you burp for Mommy? Do you have a nice burp for Mommy?" That's what I usually say in my sing-song voice when I'm patting Daniel on the back after I feed him. Lately, I'm beginning to suspect he actually knows what I'm saying. In the past few days, he's been looking at me, then letting out a big, healthy burp ... almost as if he heard me, then summoned up a good one for the occasion. Could farting on command be on the horizon? I hear boys like to do that. :)


Anonymous said...

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Monkeymama said...

Just in time for the Superbowl!

Susanne said...

In the near future, one of the sounds you'll covet and cherish and learn to love is the trickling sound of Daniel as he pees in the toilet while being potty trained. Mom said that sound used to be like music to her ears.

By the way, the colts won the Superbowl! I'm happy for Barbaro's sake.