Friday, February 23, 2007

the jojo with the mojo

I wish you all could know my friend Johanna. She's fearless, adventuresome, funny and smart, all rolled into one exuberant, curly-haired package. And a man-magnet, to boot! Back when we worked together as reporters in Mississippi, it never failed that practically every guy she interviewed ended up falling in love with her and asking her out. We had a lot of fun back then, Rollerblading through the streets of downtown Greenville with hockey sticks on Halloween, letting loose on the dance floor at One Block East, getting in trouble for having too much fun at the Mayor's Ball or some such civic function. We traveled to Panama together back in the 90s, and on the way home, we ran into Lyle Lovett in the Houston airport. (OK, the truth is that I spotted him and forced Johanna to run with me as we chased him down.) We got this nice picture out of it, though!

Now Jo lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where she married atop a mountain and continues to live life to its fullest and regale her old friends with tales of her escapades. And she just started blogging!

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Susanne said...

Em, I remember you telling me you ran into LYle at the airport; but I didn't realize you had your picture with him!

I saw a funky guy at a bar in Salt Lake City airport one time - after he life the bartender said it was Boy George.