Tuesday, April 24, 2007

daniel visits the north shore

We spent the weekend at the Cove Point Lodge, which is our favorite place to stay on the North Shore. We stayed there on our first trip together, the weekend after Sept. 11. The plan had been to go to Montreal, but of course all flights were grounded, so we drove up north instead. These trips never fail to be peaceful and restorative, and this weekend was no exception, despite some rain — and not a lot of sleep Friday night. Daniel broke a second tooth over the weekend, and he had some cranky moments. He was a good traveler, though, and even managed to entertain himself in restaurant high chairs long enough for us to have some good meals (and a slice from Betty's Pies!). And it was just so incredible to pause for moments here and there to absorb the feeling of sharing this beloved place with Daniel for the first time.

Every room at Cove Point faces Lake Superior. Here's the view from the bed:

Here's the cove itself, with the point in the distance:

The harbor in Duluth was full of ice chunks that blow off the lake, creating kind of a surreal look, like when you see the Great Salt Lake for the first time.

Duluth had a gallery crawl going on this weekeend, so we spent a rainy Saturday looking at paintings and photographs and sculptures by local artists.


liz said...

Oh, man, I miss the North Shore! And Betty's Pies... mmm!

This is so cool, Emilie - I remember the last time you were there (you were pregnant, I think?), you posted about how the next time you went, you would be a family of three. And here you are! :)

Carrie said...

my fave place! That was where (Cove Point) Keifer implanted! LOL and yay for my hometown -what an awesome trip and what a beautiful boy to share it with!

Kristine said...

I am jealous! Yay for you guys and getting to have a family outing. I bet it was kind of nice to get away!!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures! I especially like 2nd to bottom. Did Steve take it? I know he likes industrial-ish scenes. The reflection of the bridge, along with what looks like "mini iceburgs," is so beautiful!

Emilie said...

Sue - thanks! No, I took it. But I'm glad you found it beautiful. I was going for a "beauty in industry" look. :)