Wednesday, May 2, 2007

after the bath

This boy loves his bath time — and he sure knows how to work the camera. He can be in the worst mood, but if we start taking pictures, he lights up and turns into a little ham. I don't know if he's made the connection between the camera and the pictures it produces (doubtful) or if he just senses that it's all about him and feels special. At any rate, it's hilarious to watch him in action! He's the same way around the ladies. Store clerks just adore him, and so do the teenage girls who sit behind us at church.


Ellen said...

Em, it looks like you have been straightening your hair. Looks good! Daniel is definitely comfortable in the spotlight. He's meant for great things, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable pic of Daniel! He looks almost like a little boy, as opposed to baby. (Although he certainly has a lot of baby left in him, but hurry! It won't last too long!) Em, I do like your hair - did you put red highlights? Looks so natural! And the background curtains, are they new, or the old? (Maybe I shouldn't ask - I know it's a controversial subject:)

- Susanne

- Susanne

Emilie said...

Sue, that is actually our bathroom curtain, and it is a few years old. I'll have to post new pics of the living room sometime.

Thanks for the compliments on my hair! Yes to both of you: I did straighten it that day, and I have some goldish highlights (nothing too radical). :)

Kristine said...

Emilie - I know this post is about Daniel, but your hair looks phenominal!!! :) I must say, I am jealous!!!

Anyways - that little boy of yours makes me want to have another baby - STAT!!! Ok, maybe not that soon, but soon!