Wednesday, May 16, 2007

why, why, why?

I cannot understand why Melinda Doolittle was voted off American Idol tonight. I am so upset about this. For me, she was the best performer all season and the clear-cut winner. I figured next week's final round would be between Melinda and Blake or Melinda and Jordin — not Blake and Jordin. What happened? Steve thinks it might have been the youth vote; Blake and Jordin both are younger and probably have more youth appeal, and maybe it's a younger viewership. Obviously the 10 votes I called in for her last night weren't enough. Grrrr ... :-(

(For the record, this is the first season I have watched American Idol — and now I understand why it is so addictive!)


LutherLiz said...

I know! It is absolutely terrible. While I liked all three, I always thought that Melinda was the best one. And her album would be the only one I know for certain I'd buy. It makes me almost not want to watch the finale. (almost but not quite...hehehe)

Jo on the go said...

It's a simple case of sex appeal, unfortunately. About half of the viewers HAVE to be women who have a little crush on Blake. And although I can't say I'd kick him out of bed, he clearly doesn't have the chops she has.
I hate it when the Cosmo covers rule our consciousness.
Still, third place is no stick in the eye, and I bet she'll do great with her career from here on out. Look at Chris Daughtry.
(It is kind of embarassing. I'm also watching the Bachelor, cause a girl who used to live here, Tessa, is down to the final two...)

Emilie said...

He he ... I admit I called in a few votes for Blake, too. :) I was actually hoping for a Blake vs. Melinda final, with Melinda winning.

But you're right: Melinda still has a stellar career ahead of her.