Saturday, June 30, 2007

daniel is already hanging out with models

This is Daniel's friend Beela. They were in the same Early Childhood and Family Education class this spring, and now they go to a weekly play group and Music Together class. (Her mom took the picture.) Beela's first professional modeling job can be seen right here! (It's the Web site for a children's clothing store in our neighborhood. I drove by the other day and saw Beela's picture, larger than life, in the store window, too.) It's a classic story: store owner-photographer spots beautiful baby in store, asks to take some photos of her modeling their clothes. Very Kate Moss, right? (Except without the drugs and anorexia.) As they say in baby-talk parlance, yay, Beela!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh! Cuuute! I've never seen a pic of Daniel with another baby before. He looks a bit nervous to be among this beautiful supermodel! Maybe he's trying to muster enough nerve to ask her out.

- Susanne

liz said...

What a gorgeous baby! And Beela is pretty cute, too. :)