Friday, June 22, 2007

dare i dream?

Yesterday I drove to Woodbury and picked Steve up from work, and we went over to one of the government offices and submitted all the paperwork and photos for Daniel's passport! I didn't have a passport until I was in college, but I think this boy is going to be better-travelled than his parents were as children. I am just naive and optimistic enough to hope that we might be able to swing a trip to Paris for our five-year anniversary next year. Daniel will be a year and nine months old. The plane ride would be ... incredibly challenging. I can't sugarcoat that. I picture the three of us staying for a week in a little apartment, tromping around the parks and museums, stopping in bistros for lunch and then maybe cooking at home at night over bottles of wine. Paris for families instead of Paris for lovers, yes, but romantic nonetheless. Steve seems open to the idea, too. Maybe. I'm crossing my fingers. I figure that if I put the dream out there, I'm taking the first step to making it happen.


Kristine said...

Sounds wonderful! I DARE YOU!

liz said...

Oh, that sounds fabulous! I have a friend who lives in Thailand and is flying here (well, to Minneapolis) for the summer with her 10-month-old. It can be done! And Daniel will be so well-traveled. :)