Friday, September 28, 2007

life without cable or tivo

As luck would have it, the only two TV shows Steve and I have any interest in watching these days had their season premieres at the same time last night: Grey's Anatomy (which Steve doesn't watch) and The Office (which we both watch). We worked out a plan: Steve watched and taped The Office in the living room, while I watched Grey's Anatomy in the bedroom. (We actually went to Radio Shack at 5 p.m. and bought an antenna for the bedroom TV. It didn't have one, since we'd previously used it just for watching movies.) Then we both watched (or rewatched) The Office after Daniel went to bed.

Frankly, Grey's Anatomy was disappointing. Some of the plot lines were OK, but I think it's turning into a later-season Ally McBeal or a second-season Desperate Housewives or a daytime soap opera — ridiculous and unbelievable. I mean, come on. Is Lexie Grey so self-absorbed and/or stupid that she would choose the melee of an emergency room arrival to reveal to Meredith that she is the sister she never knew existed? Wouldn't a reasonable person wait until a less frenentic moment for that? And Izzy just bugs me now, though I did like her at the end, when she chewed out her "dud" interns. And I just don't buy the love affair between Izzy and George. Meanwhile, I giggled most of the way through The Office. Or cringed. That show can be painful, too.

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