Friday, October 12, 2007

our fall getaway

It was cold and windy on the North Shore, but that didn't stop Steve from skipping a few stones into Lake Superior while we were in Grand Marais Wednesday. When Daniel saw what he was doing, the way he made the stones hit the water and then bounce, he started to giggle hysterically! And then he picked up a few stones and tried to throw them himself. Before Daniel was born, Steve always said he looked forward to teaching his son to skip stones, and now I guess the education has begun. Fifteen minutes after this picture was taken, I stepped wrong on the stone steps leading out to Artist's Point and twisted my ankle (provoking another giggle fit from the boy). Yes, yes, readers, I'm all right! I spent the rest of the day with my ankle on ice, and that probably saved me from days of swelling and pain.

We stayed at Fitger's (**using our Minnesota Public Radio two-nights-for-the-price-of-one membership discount) in Duluth this time. Our room's walls were so thin that we could hear every word — indeed, every sound — of the amorous couple in the room next door. With entertainment like that, who needs cable? (We did! On their third go-around, we turned The Daily Show up nice and loud to let them have some semblance of privacy.) I wonder if they could hear our room just as well. If so, I'm sure they were thrilled to be next door to a babbling, sometimes-crabby baby (and the voice of Jon Stewart)!

**(Edited to add)


kristine said...

How fun. I think every man dreams of teaching his son something he loves! Hope you are recovering nicely from your twist...

Anonymous said...

Skipping stones at Grand Marais, staying in a poorly soundproofed but expensive hotel room, thinking angrily about useless and confusing nutrition information, reaching out to strangers who you suspect might be angels or sent to you-- sounds like pretty good living to me. Thanks for the intro to the concept of "Thin" walls or spaces or whatever they're called. I should read up! -- Laura

Barbara said...

OMG, THIRD time around?! (Naturally that item stood out--excuse the pun--for your dirty-minded friend.) The thin walls sound remarkably similar to those at the Canal Park Inn, although I'm sure that in other respects Fitgers is much, much nicer. :-)

I'm so glad you three (well four, really) got a chance to escape up to the North Shore; I've always thought it's one of the most healing places on earth. Here's hoping you return feeling refreshed in mind and body, despite your twisted ankle!

P.S. Good to know about that MPR discount. Maybe now I'll be able to talk George into getting a membership!

Soupy said...

I"m so glad you had an enjoyable time, minus the acoustics next door!
Hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute picture of Daniel! Can't wait to see him tomorrow!


kristine said...

oh and also - TAG!! You have to post 7 true things about yourself!

Jo on the go said...

Steve must be a champion stone-skipper for that to be the thing he said he wanted to teach his unborn son! How many times can his stones "jump"? I never managed more than maybe six skips at once. But that's one of those leisure-time, childhood leftover pleasures that is so relaxing and poetic and fun that it made me want to be there, too.
Keep feeling better, eating cheeseburgers and giving us a window into your life, please.