Wednesday, December 19, 2007

first haircut, in pictures

Before (I used to love sweeping that long hair behind his ears.)

During (Abby at Kids' Hair did a great job, and they saved some of his hair in an envelope for me. Daniel only cried at the end, when she took the electric clippers to him; I should have warned her that would scare him. After that, there was no consoling him except to take him down from his seat.)

After (He looks like such a boy. So cute, though I kind of miss the long hair. *Sigh.* My baby is growing up.)


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! How absolutely adorable! I love how he's holding the crayon while getting his hair cut. Other than crayon, he doesn't look too happy. Did they give him a free hand massage? That will make anyone happy.

- Susanne

jennifer said...

Daniel looks so handsome with his new do!


Jamie said...

He is so super cute with his new 'do, and I think he looks even more like his daddy :)

BTW, thanks so much for the card - we didn't send them this year so please know we didn't slight you :)

Missy said...

Wow - great pictures from the first hair cut. Daniel looks so cute, and yes, a little bit more grown up.

Ellen said...

If long, shaggy hair is as popular in 10 or so years on boys and young men as it is now, he'll want his old 'do back! Your son is so handsome. D and his brother will be a couple of heartbreakers.
Em, can you please let me know if you got my package in the mail yet? I would cringe if a postal worker stole it because it's pretty obvious what it is.

kristine said...

oh!! he looks so handsome! yay for first cuts!!

Roxy said...

Oh my! How handsome!!! Eva sends BIG kisses to the cute boy!

Jo on the go said...

He does look so grown-up and boyish. Can't wait for pix of Christmas day!