Tuesday, December 11, 2007

littlest one

You and I, we have kind of a relaxed, unspoken thing going on, don't we? I don't obsess about you the way I did with Daniel. I don't look up how big you are every week on Baby Center.com. I don't rush to Google to ask whether it's OK to drink chamomile tea or if it's bad if I wake up at night lying on my back. I drink coffee every day and eat the occasional tuna salad sandwich. I even had a glass of wine with dinner last month (oh, how I miss red wine) and sipped some of your dad's Chardonnay at Thanksgiving. I don't worry so much, and it's kind of nice. Maybe part of it is that I've been here before, so I know the ropes a little more. Or that you survived early on, when I thought you might have died, so I know you're a survivor, and the midwife says you're doing fine. Or maybe it's just how busy I am day to day, taking care of your brother (whom you are going to love, by the way). Still, we have our moments together, don't we? I felt you kicking in class this morning, and I put my fingers on top of you and felt you dancing around in there. I would have said hello, but we were in class, and it wasn't a good time to talk. Don't worry ... I'll check in with you next time you're awake. We have a few more months together before we meet in person. It's cold outside, but you don't have to worry about that. I hope you're comfy and warm right now. By the time you're ready to come out, the earth will be thawing, and we'll have a lovely spring and summer ahead of us. Until then, keep on kicking. It's always nice to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

Oh Emilie, I'm goign to start crying.

Chelsea, a mom I work with, said she took the liberty of good coffee during her second pregnancy, something she completely abstained from during her first. BTW her husband was going through chemo for testicular cancer while their first child was born. He sat in the delivery room, not really knowing what was going on because he was so sick, while Chelsea gave birth. Apparantely the chemo didn't affect his fertility, because their second child was born a few years later.

- Susanne

liz said...

Awww, this is so sweet. :)

(Wait - chamomile tea is off limits?! Gads, the things I need to learn before getting pregnant! Or maybe I should just treat our first child as if s/he's our second - that seems more relaxing!)

Soupy said...

this is wonderful to read
it made me tear up
Emilie, I am so happy for you guys- I' m so excited and overjoyed for you all.