Sunday, January 20, 2008

talking about cooking

Daniel has been having a word explosion lately. Today, he came up to me while I was looking something up in my Joy of Cooking cookbook and touched the red circle on the cover and said, "Joy." Which is rather appropos because he also loves being with me in the kitchen, helping ("cooking") in whatever way he can. He likes to stir the soup, whisk the eggs ("aggies," which he often requests for lunch) and move them around in the pan, and examine the contents of the refrigerator, especially around mealtimes: "Hummy" (hummous) and "Owange" are two of his favorites. Today I baked a pie ("pie"), and he made Steve hold him ("up" and "carry") while he watched every step of the process and ate some blueberries ("bo-bo"). He's napping now, but when he wakes up, we'll all have some pie. "Yummy!"



Ahuva Batya said...

What wonderful memories you are making for him, helping mom in the kitchen. And the bobo face is so precious!

kristine said...

That is so cute! David and I were talking about all of the different words that Graycen says and it sometimes seems like nobody knows for sure what she is saying. The eggs must really be a toddler thing because Graycen could eat scrambled eggs every single day if I let her - which a lot of mornings, I do :)
The whole joy thing is just crazy!

Anonymous said...

You can tell he's a modern baby, being that he can say "hummous" (or close to it) before age two. I don't think hummous was even at the grocery stores when I was a kid!