Thursday, January 24, 2008

a thaw is a-comin', oh yeah

My spirits are brighter already knowing that warmer air will be making its way into our part of the country tonight. I am anticipating its arrival with such hope, as if it were a beloved friend coming to visit after a long time away. Warmer means ... in the 20s! And maybe even into the 30s over the weekend, above freezing. Maybe even rain! Funny how these things are all so relative.

Today we did the Bundle Dance and drove to Woodbury to have lunch with Steve. We ended up at Wendy's. Daniel sat between us in a booster seat and ate a little bowl of mandarin oranges, with a few scoops of Steve's vanilla frosty thrown in. I ate a bacon burger, which is not as good as the ones at Burger King (as fast food goes) but still satisfied my craving, mostly. And I finished up the mandarins and ice cream, too. Now Daniel is napping, and I hope he gets a good one because a new session of ECFE starts tonight, and I don't want him to be cranky for the evening class.


Anonymous said...

You'd love Hood River right now. It's warm, around in the early thirties.

So you like Burger King burgers, at least the bacon burger? It's funny, because I've always thought Wendys was way better than BK, although I know people who swear by BK. Typical Americans - discussing which fast food you like best.

- Susanne

David said...
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kristine said...

I love that you call it the "bundle dance" too funny. Yumm.. I had Wendy's Chili and a chocolate frosty today! I *heart* those frosties!

*sorry that was my delete above. for some reason it was signed in under david..*

kate said...

Hmmm, a Frosty sounds really good to me right now. Thanks for linking to my blog, Emilie, and for your comment the other day. I'll link to you as soon as I get the chance! Glad to be connected.

Anonymous said...

We had about about 20 inches of snow in Hood River this weekend. Not super cold - just lots of snow. Makes me ever so grateful that I'm not living in that aweful rental house anymore, but rather in that nice over-the-garage apartment, where I don't have to shovel snow, except on my steps (which is easy).