Thursday, February 28, 2008

coffee talk

This morning's learning experience: the properties of coffee grounds. Daniel had a blast scooping some old decaf out of a bag and into a bowl ... though, as you can see, much of it ended up on the floor. (He helped sweep it up after he was done.) Sometimes he'd raise it to his nose and sniff it; I think he didn't know what to make of it.

The other night, we drove as a family to Mississippi Market to do some grocery shopping. This store is across the street from a Caribou Coffee where we often stop for latt├ęs and mochas, and its signage lights were on, since it was dark out. I wasn't in the car to hear this, but Steve swears: Daniel saw the store, pointed, and said, "Mocha!" I don't know where he picked that up. I didn't think it was something he'd learned to associate yet, but ... I should know by now that he absorbs a lot more than I expect.


kristine said...

Ha ha! You're already turning him into a little coffee head! So cute!

Monkeymama said...

I find it wild to hear some of the things Rebecca has put together without help from us. Like the day she yelled from the backseat, "Hey, Applebees, they have that apple commercial!"

She's fond of telling me I should get coffee if we drive by a Starbucks. I promise Greg that I didn't encourage that, but there have been a few times where she convinced me! ;)

You are a braver Mom than I - I cringe at the thought of cleaning up those coffee grounds!

Anonymous said...

This doesn't have to do with coffee, but Daniel's sure looking big! And his head of hair is getting thicker, and deeper in color!

- Susanne

Soupy said...

Hee hee- I love it! No doubt he understands!! He is a DOLL! he's getting so big *(sigh)* so darn handsome