Thursday, March 6, 2008

hanging in there

Steve has taken Daniel to ECFE class, so I have a few hours to myself tonight, which I really need. American Idol is on soon, so I'm going to go fix a pot of tea and find out which four are getting sent home. (I can't believe I've become an American Idol fan.)

I'm having a less comfortable week than usual because of a procedure I had at the doctor's office Tuesday. I'm not going to go into detail here (to protect the sensibilities of my more squeamish readers — yes, I'm thinking of you, Adam — and because it's rather embarrassing and gross), but suffice to say, it's so uncomfortable that it makes my hip pain seem more tolerable in comparison! On the other hand, I was up at 3 a.m. last night because with all the pings, pangs and aches in my body, I just could not sleep. The discomfort should be gone in another few days. In the meantime, I'm just in survival mode, and that means lying on the couch a lot and, in the case of today, spending the entire day in my pajamas and robe. At least my spirits are relatively stable. Most of the January funk that spilled into February seems to have lifted, leaving only residual traces of occasional melancholy and crying. Now I'm just setting my sights on getting through the next three and a half weeks — which is how long I have before I hit my due date.

I can't decide if time is moving slowly or quickly. I feel like there's so much on my calendar: two columns and a major article to finish up, a tour of the hospital so we know where to park and go when we get there, last days of my WomenVenture class and Daniel's Music Together class, a meeting to help me prepare for my hoped-for VBAC (which stands for "vaginal birth after cesarean," if you aren't up on the terminology), another meeting with our doula, install the infant seat in the car ... and, oh yeah, there's Holy Week and Easter. The fact that it's Lent right now has been so far from my mind.

Baby Lemmondrop, of course, is oblivious to it all. He's been rocking and rolling all over my belly and seems to be having a good time in there. On Monday, he'll be at 37 weeks of gestation, which will make him full term. I can't believe we've come so far. I can't believe he's almost here. Yet we are slowly getting ready for him. This weekend, I washed and folded all the sweet little baby clothes Daniel used to wear (was he really so tiny once?!) and put them in the newly reorganized dresser drawers in the nursery. We bought a new crib mattress last week, and we're remaining optimistic that at least one member of this family will sleep in the crib. (!)

Well, Ryan Seacrest is on, so I'll wrap this up. More soon!


Monkeymama said...

It's good to hear from you! I hope you can get a lot of good rest in the next few weeks - the big day is almost here!

Ahuva Batya said...

I can't believe you've come so far either! I'm sure it's easy for me to say, watching from the sidelines, but it seems like just yesterday you were newly-pregnant. I hope you enjoy these last quiet 3 weeks, and your aches and pains aren't too much.

kristine said...

Well, whatever it is that you had done, I am glad you did since it sound slike it will make things more tolerable! Hopefully Steve can continue to give you rest time. You do need it.
We are also hopeful that one of our kids will be sleeping in that crib, too!

Anonymous said...

You'd be surprised how many people are American Idol fans.

The VBAC program sounds good.

- Susanne

Ellen said...

Lent hasn't really been at the forefront of my mind either, probably because the things I don't have and do around here after moving away from Portland are the things I used to give up! Like happy hour.

Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

Hi, Emilie! Just checkin' in to see how you're doing and to tell you how much I miss you at the Catholic Spirit. Best wishes with the next baby; it's fun to read your pregnancy tales. Brings me right back. It's joyful to hear you're healthy and that you and your little family are well. -- Pat Sirek (UST News Service)