Sunday, March 23, 2008

it's spring! it's easter!

It's Minnesota!

Yes, we've been blanketed in white today, and it feels more like Christmas than Easter. We've been very low-key (or should I say, low-energy) about the holiday this year — no Easter eggs, no chocolate bunnies, no hot cross buns. Just Mass this morning and a very nice dinner with family, followed by a lovely nap once we got home. Someone asked if the Easter bunny came to our house this year, and I wasn't quick enough on my feet to say, "No, we're waiting for the damn stork!"

My friend Vanessa (who actually celebrates Passover instead of Easter), gives a whole new meaning to the term "Easter egg." She and her husband are going through their first round of in vitro fertilization, and this morning was the egg transfer, which means two fertilized eggs were implanted in her uterus. She'll find out if she's pregnant right around April 1 — the same day our baby is due, and I hope for good news all around. Good luck, Vanessa and John!


kristine said...

You know, it's ok that your Easter was so low key. Other than the fact that you are 1 week from your due date... it's not what Easter is about. I know that's how holidays are but you know... Happy Easter!

liz said...

Sounds like a lovely Easter to me (hmmm, minus the snow). I have been thinking about you a lot lately!

Anonymous said...

Daniel's too young for the easter bunny and eggs anyway. I'm glad you had a lovely nap when you got home - that's the best kind of easter!

- Susanne

Ahuva Batya said...

Aw, thanks for the call-out, hon. I hope our April 1sts are both wonderful. I'm glad you had a low-key Easter-- you needed the nap I'm sure!

Jo on the go said...

I'm never fast on the fire-back comment, but that one was worth the wait. Come on, magical stork!

Anonymous said...


Talk about a wonderful Easter gift, Benjamin Charles!

- Susanne

elizabeth in mississippi said...

Is that a birth announcement from the sister?!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Indeed it is a birth announcement! Born Wednesday morning, March 26.

Relatively smooth, according to Em.