Thursday, April 10, 2008

wrong ... just wrong

Why did America vote Michael Johns off American Idol? He was one of the best contestants of the season, and definitely one of my favorites. Sometimes this show gets me so worked up!


Coach Megan Thomas said...

It was surprising. Michael seems like a great guy, but never did much for me as a performer, though. He handled his departure well. It is surprising that Kristy and Syesha are still on, and he is gone, however. I bet Syesha, Kristy, and Carly are the next three to go. Who will win it all?

Go Jason!

Jamie said...

Hey Emily:
First off - how exciting about the new baby! I have sort of lost touch but I saw all the great news - I'm happy for you guys.

but second - oh my gosh Michael Johns. My jaw dropped. Dolly Parton week was just masterful. WHat happened?

Anonymous said...

Em, I love how you post the latest American Idol updates on your blog. Because everyone at work is really into American Idol, while I don't even get TV reception. So through your blog, I get the latest updates, and now I can join in on all my co-workers' American Idol conversations!

- Susanne

Anonymous said...

I thought he sounded GREAT on Tuesday, but I didn't think he connected with people up to his potential. I think he channels Freddie Mercury. He'll be fine. But Kristy Lee should have been voted off weeks ago. I will say I think she sounds better now than she used to.

--Laura S.