Saturday, May 17, 2008

ten things daniel said this week

"David Cook"

• "Oprah" (said while watching Syesha sing on American Idol. Oh dear ...)

• "Barack Obama"

• "Rock, paper, scissors"

• "Mommy cell phone beeping"

• "Mommy penis"

• "Mommy boobies" (said after mommy explains for the umpteenth time that "mommy doesn't have a penis.")

• "Pants falling down"

• "No banging flowers"

• "Daddy big hug"


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the penis... My son had a tough time with that as well. At age 6, he still doesn't understand how I can possibly pee without one.

Very impressive that Daniel came up with all that in one week. He is a smart little boy. Good job for writing them down because otherwise you will forget all too soon (trust me, I know).

kristine said...

I cannot stop laughing at "mommy penis" oh boy, i love it!

Cibele said...

The little man has a great vocabulary!

Coach Megan Thomas said...

I'm so glad to hear that "Dick Cheney" isn't on the list! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Em, the whole "mommy doesn't have a penis" reminds me of that thing I blurted out, on this blog, a little over a year ago. Remember, I was crying and depressed - you had the delete the post.

- Susanne

Piccinigirl said...

love it, every single word!!!!