Wednesday, May 7, 2008

today was a good day ...

... because:

Liz came over to help out with the boys, and she came bearing gifts from her recent church trip to Argentina: soccer outfits for the national soccer team of Argentina, complete with a little ball. Daniel looked so adorable in his, even though it's still a bit big for him. Gotta love the blue socks, brown shoes and ubiquitous paci hanging out of his mouth!

It was a sunny day.

My former coworker Pat drove me to radiation, and it was so good to see her and catch up with her.

I finished my monthly column and turned it in, technically, on my deadline. OK, it was after business hours, but still. It's not easy to come up with one succinct, spiritual column about this cancer business.

I'm getting some nanny leads.

The midwife at my post-partum visit gave me her leftover breastmilk. It felt good knowing that both of us were gaining something positive from the exchange: I can give Ben breastmilk for a little while longer, and she is able to help someone who really needs it. Last night at 4 a.m. was the last time I nursed Ben, and it was probably the last time I'll ever breastfeed again, since we don't plan to have any more kids. That's sad, but it's OK.

Other people have started offering me breastmilk, too. Between that and all the other gifts and kindness coming our way, I feel as if we are being held up in a giant web of love and support. It's so nice.

David Cook is still on American Idol. Yay! Though I have to say, I was expecting better things from his rendition of Hungry Like A Wolf.

I saw my very first commercial for the Sex and the City movie, which opens May 30, and I have to say, my heart went all a-flutter!

Daniel went to bed early tonight, and Ben fell asleep during his bottle, which gave Steve and me some quiet time to hang out on the couch together this evening. With all the offers for childcare pouring in, we really should start going on dates again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emilie,

I thought of you often while I was away. I'm just now getting caught up on what's been going on for the past week, and I'm so glad to read that you had a good day today!

Do you have any plans for a "Sex and the City" night out? Maybe we could get some people together?

I'd be happy to look after the boys if you and Steve want to get out for a date night.

I'm going to go watch last night's American Idol now, and then fast forward to the end of tonight's result show to see who's gone -- I'm guessing it's Syesha. I'll be sad if it's Jason because I think he's kind of cute! :)

Talk to you soon,


LutherLiz said...

Believe me it was a pleasure to spend a day off with such adorable boys! :) I'm glad it was a good day.

Christina said...

What a little man Daniel looks like, doing a throw in -- the pacifier is the only hint that he's still so young. Great picture!

Marketing Mama said...

It's wonderful to have some good days mixed in with the tough ones. Daniel looks so cute in his soccer outfit. I'm sorry you have to stop nursing Ben. I was sad when I had to stop a little earlier than I would have liked when I had back surgery. We were much closer to weaning, anyways though, so it wasn't nearly as tough as I imagine it might be for you.

I hope you have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

Rebecca said...

I am inspired to keep a daily list of the good things that happen that day. Even if some sucky things happen that day, the list of good things is still bound to be long.

kristine said...

Very cute! Maybe he will be a little soccer player - or should I say futbol? ;-)
I'm sorry you have to stop nursing Ben. I am very glad one of the midwives is able to help you out - I bet it makes her feel really good to do it for you.

Anonymous said...

YES!! Start going on dates again. Pamper yourself and your marriage.

- Susanne

Heidi said...

Thinking of of you on Mother's Day...

Heather H. said...

Well that sounds like a good day indeed! :+)
I dont personally know you but have commented before - and check in on you (via blogspot!) regularly --- Although I know you are in a tough spot in life (if not one of the toughest) I think you are one tough cookie and doing a fantastic job managing the hand you have been dealt! Kudos to you! Much love & hugs! :+)

Mary said...

Your boys are just so cute! Happy Mother's Day (a little late)!!! Your heart must be such a strange mix of emotions these days. It's nice to see you had a relaxing weekend with the family, but I did laugh at the thought of the four of you trying a real restaurant. :-) That sounds stressful!

Piccinigirl said...

that sounded like a wonderful day, so glad you got to enjoy every single minute.