Saturday, July 12, 2008

loud and clear

Last weekend, we went to a local garden store called Linder's and bought a few annuals and a dogwood shrub to plant in our back yard. The next day, we decided to go back and get another dogwood to plant next to the first one. At lunch, we debated whether to put Daniel down for his nap and have just Steve go, or to load us all up in the car and go. Daniel must have heard us because he loudly proclaimed this fine six-word sentence:

"I want to go to Linder's!"

I smiled. I love his clear little voice. And we all went to Linder's.

Daniel often refers to himself in the third person: "Daniel want to go outside." But lately, he's found his "I" voice:

"I don't like cobwebs."

"I don't like bees."

"I don't like beans."

He's also learning rules and repeats them randomly, as if he just thinks about them a lot:

"Don't run in the street."

"Don't touch the saw."

He is definitely a toddler now. And such a boy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emilie,

I've been following your blog since you posted on mine. I saw your recent comment -- thank you.

I love this post highlighting the simple pleasures of everyday life. Let's keep grabbing up all the life we can :)

Josh Isaac

Coach Megan Thomas said...


Daniel is so bright, thoughtful, and extremely aware. What a joy it must be to watch him grow and learn! :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it exciting when they learn new words, too?! What's that?

You have your hands full with a walking-talking toddler and the baby.


kristine said...

Such a big boy. Don't you just love the ever expanding vocab? He sure is all set to fix something..

Anonymous said...

He's so matter-of-fact! The picture makes me laugh and smile. Thanks for posting it!

--Laura S.

Anonymous said...

Daniel looks like a superhero! He's got the bulging upper chest muscles (in this case, caused by him sucking in his stomach), the superhero-type underwear, and the gunlike weapon!

- Susanne

Jamie said...

That's so cute! Love it! and I like Linders too :)

Rebecca said...

What a little man!

Piccinigirl said...

wow, what an amazing thing to watch him "grow up". So cute and so articulate.

thanks for sharing him with us :)

Michele (Moosh) said...

He sounds so adorable.

I just want you to know that though I've been silent here, I've been thinking of you daily and praying for you. You're one tough cookie, and I'm very proud of the dignity, grace and integrity you are demonstrating. Your true character is coming through loud and clear--and it's obvious that you are one amazing chick. :-)