Saturday, September 20, 2008


The flowers are so full and lush right now, just on the verge of falling away into autumn decay, but not quite.

We planted gladiola bulbs around our old stump, and they came in gorgeous red at the end of August, a surprising burst of color for the end of the season.

Steve grew a tomato plant, and Daniel had fun harvesting it all summer long.

We got a small lavender plant last summer at the farmer's market and kept it under a growing light in the basement all winter. It has flourished in a patio pot this year. We rub our fingers on it and smell them — it makes me want to go to the south of France or someplace warm and relaxing like that.


otrey3 said...

Emilie, what beautiful photographs! Beauty is around us even in these final days of summer, isn't it? Glad your hair is growing back. I wonder if it will be curly this time?

--Laura S.

Betty M said...

Gardens are where I feel most at peace I think. Hoping only good things for you.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I like how all the photos on the post are the same size. Looks like a gallery that way.

Especially love the gladiola, that beautiful red.

It's harvest time in Hood River; all the orchards have very visible fruit on them.

- Susanne