Wednesday, November 26, 2008

happy eight-month birthday to ben

Steve and I were talking the other night about the fact that Ben has been in our lives for about as long as the cancer has. He was conceived a couple of months before I got my first diagnosis last year, and he was born three weeks before I learned the cancer had spread.

In that time, filled with such darkness, he has been like a little shining light. It's remarkable how his personality has been so happy and good-natured. For every bad development that happens with my health, it seems that Ben adds an element of happiness we so sorely need — a ready smile, a look that says "I'm so happy to see you." It's as if God sent him to us as a counterbalance, knowing we'd need some light in the midst of our dark.


And here's his cute brother at eight months.


Meg said...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your wonderful family.


otrey3 said...

Thanks for posting such cute shots for me to see before bed! Sleep well and have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Emilie. I'm glad to know you and your family and count you as friends.

(To all you frequent posters, Happy Thanksgiving! It almost feels like I know you, too.)

--Laura S.

Julie said...

Sweet boy! Such a tender mercy.

Amy M said...

I like your thoughts today Emilie. Ben is such a sweet little one, as is Daniel. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Alex and Jill said...

I love the 'sneeze' pic. :) He's such a doll.

Happy Thanksgiving, Emilie.

Jen said...

Those are great photos. Both your boys are very cute at 8 months!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

Janet said...

What a cutie!

Christina said...

Isn't it amazing how God provided exactly what you would need in that little bundle of tenderness!?

(Thanks for posting to the 8-mo. pics of Daniel, btw. It helped me see that the two boys definitely have their own looks going on, which is nice.)

Happy Thanksgiving to your beautiful family!

Sachin Palewar said...

I can identify with you completely. My wife gave birth to our baby girl in Nov 2007 and in February 08 we came to know that her Epithelioid Sarcoma has returned and spread to lungs this time. She probably already had cancer during pregnancy but we just ignored thinking its something to do with her pregnancy.

So we have been living with cancer for as long as the age our our girl - Chibu and you have written exactly what I feel for her. BTW I am glad to share my Bday with Ben :-)

You can watch our daughter's pics and videos at -

Wishing you all the best...

PS: What type of STS you really have? Couldn't find any mention on the blog.