Thursday, November 27, 2008

sex at the ball game

While I'm writing about news items, did you hear about the man and woman who got caught having sex in a public restroom at the Minnesota-Iowa game?

The latest is that this woman — who is 38 and married — says she has no memory of the event because she'd drunk too much wine before the game. She didn't know the man in question. I am trying to imagine the chain of events that must have led her and a stranger 12 years her junior to get it on in a restroom stall, loudly enough that people gathered outside the door to cheer them on. If it had happened at a private party or fraternity back room, she'd have had to nurse the dirty little secret on her own. As it is, she says her life has been ruined. She's been fired from her job, and I can only imagine what that ride back to Iowa with her husband must have been like. How humiliating. How sad. And yet ... how titillating, the stories of other people's lusts and frailties. There's a reason this is the most-e-mailed story on the Pioneer Press Web site today. Probably the same reason I posted it on my blog.


MrsSpock said...

I never been drunk myself, so I have a hard time digesting how someone can get up to go to the bathroom, and minutes later find themselves having sex with a random guy in a bathroom stall, while people cheered on. Yipes!

Alex said...

I'm find it hard to believe too. I've been tipsy/drunk only a couple times in my life and i've been nowhere near not knowing what I was doing. If she was so drunk she blacked out her husband should have noticed. Unless someone slipped her something. I would think she would have had blood tests after to check for(among other things like disease) alcohol levels and other drugs that might have been slipped to her. But ya, how do you see someone and instandly start having sex with them? I thought that stuff only happened on t.v.

Anyway its like an can't help but read about it!! But really...its sad on too many levels!!

Piccinigirl said...

that sounds like a story right out of "Days of our Lives" but I must admit that my sister has blackouts when she drinks and literally remembers NOTHING of the event, I'd share some stories, but they are her's and I will not post about her private doings. In any case, I have "seen" it happen first hand so it's not hard to believe, just hard to accept.

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