Friday, December 12, 2008

cool stuff

• Snow in New Orleans — wow! Check out a couple of cool pictures on Ray Mikell's blog. He's the friend who sent me a couple of funky wigs last summer.

• If you've been following Matt Logelin's blog, you may have done the math and figured out that his adorable daughter Madeline is just two days older than our Benjamin. And now she's standing! Way to go, Madeline! (No pressure, Ben.) But that's not the real reason to check out his latest post. I'm just so impressed at how people who are strangers to each other have come together to fund this worthwhile charity in memory of Matt's wife, Liz (who died completely unexpectedly the day after Madeline was born, if you haven't been following his story).


Stephanie said...

I've been reading Matt's blog since shortly after his wife passed away, and it's amazing how people have come together through such a tragic circumstance.
His post today about the donor is AMAZING. Very cool, indeed.

Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

Isn't Madeline a honey? Gosh she looks like Liz. How wonderful is this donation?

Susanne said...

Leave it to New Orleans to have funky weather - and not always without tragedy (referring to hurricane Katrina).

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