Monday, April 10, 2006

another milestone

Stephen felt the baby kick tonight for the first time! We were sitting on the sofa together after everyone from book club had left, watching The Apprentice. The baby gave me a few kicks - harder than usual, and in the same spot each time. So I put Steve's hand on my belly, and as the kicks kept coming, he could actually feel them. He describes it as ... a "light press" on his hand ... maybe "more like a bubble." What was the coolest for me was to witness this moment for the first time and to see the look on Steve's face the first time he made a physical connection with his son.

The little guy is still kicking as I write. He was kicking all through book club, too. After not feeling him very much over the weekend, I am thrilled that he is really getting into it now.

For the record, I am 22 weeks pregnant now, about five calendar months.

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liz said...

How magical! That must have been truly amazing.

I so wish I could have been at book club! Guess I should get off the internet and back to that project that was responsible for my missing it. :\