Wednesday, April 5, 2006


My dear, darling little one,

I was so glad to feel you kick me just then. There may come a time when kicking your mother is the cruelest thing imaginable, but right now, it is such a sweet feeling to be reminded that you are there. I just imagine what fun you must be having right now - kicking, turning somersaults, doing tiny little karate moves, jack-knifing your little body. I wish I could remember what that was like. Enjoy it now because in a few months, those moves are going to get a lot more difficult for you.

Do you remember that long walk we took last night? It was a beautiful evening, and your daddy and I walked a good three miles around the neighborhood, down Randolph, across to St. Clair, then up and back home by way of Macalester. It was good for the first two miles, but then you started to feel really heavy, and my back started to ache like no one's business, and I was all out of breath and had to walk like an old man all the way home. Today, my muscles down there are still in such pain. But enough of that. I don't plan to be one of those mothers who complain about their ailments to their children. Besides, you are completely worth any aches and pains I may be going through right now. (And I hope your father reminds me of that when you are a teen-ager!)

Anyway, did you happen to hear us talking last night? We had a really good talk, the kind you'll be glad to know about when you're older because it means your parents love each other even in times of stress and conflict. Did our voices seem a little louder when we got to the part about the recycling? Don't worry. We worked it out. And we always will, I promise you that. As I sit here today, I vow to you that you will never have to question the strength of your parents' marriage or their love for each other - and for you, our little son.

Speaking of your daddy, that was just him on the phone. It looks like he's going to have to work late tonight and asked if I wanted to come out there and meet him for dinner. Of course I would, so let's get off the computer and go! We can talk in the car. And maybe we'll listen to the Cake CD that has that rockin' version of I Will Survive on it, too!

Love and kisses until next time,



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