Thursday, April 6, 2006

you can't beat free stuff

When I got home from work yesterday, there was a changing table sitting in our side yard. Steve's brother had heard that someone in his stay-at-home dad's group was giving it away, so he snagged it for us. Here's a picture - it's surrounded by a bunch of other baby stuff the guy was giving away:

It's just what we needed, and it's in nearly perfect condition. I feel so lucky - we'd been planning to buy one anyway. As it happens, that same brother and his wife have offered to loan us their Baby Trend Snap 'N Go infant car seat carrier, which will be perfect for the first few months and give us time to look for a full-fledged stroller. It takes the pressure off having to find one before the baby is born. Here's a pic:

I love that we have enough of a community among our friends and family here that these things fall into our laps occasionally! Because I've moved around so much, the sense of truly belonging to a larger community is something I've missed acutely at many times in my life. I'm grateful to have it now, at least a little.


Susanne said...

Oh Em, it was so nice of him to provide the changing table for you & Steve. I also like what you said about feeling, at least a little, like part of a larger community. I'm honestly sooo thrilled that you married into a stable, faithful family. Your in-laws are wonderful, and I often reflect on this fortunate fact.

Emilie said...

Susanne, you are right - I am lucky to have such great in-laws! (I can say this having spent the weekend with Steve's sister and her family in Omaha, where we all went to a wedding.) You know, they're kinda your family too now. :)

Cynthia J. said...

You know as a new parent, those "love offerings" really do mean a lot. A member of my church gave me a crib, changing table (now book and storage shelf) infant carseat and tons of clothes. People at work loaded me up with clothes, too. Man, that was a saving.
Also, check to see if they have a consignment shop there called, "Once Upon a Child." You can find great bargins there, many of which are new, never used items.
I am so happy for you, K-B-A-L.
I know you are going to be a great mother. There are times when I look at Dion and just smile. Don't get me wrong, there are times when I just want to cry, too because I am so tired, but those aren't the moments that live on in my memory.
Emilie, I love that you have created this blog. And you are doing such a great job with it. You have such a command of the English language. That was one of the things that I always loved about you. Now I have something else.
Until we talk again.

Emilie said...

Oh, Cynthia. I had almost forgotten about "KBA" (now KBAL, of course!). How could I forget? And thanks for your nice comments. {{{HUG}}} You sound like a wonderful mom, too. I know it must be hard at times, but you are so strong and so loving - Dion is a lucky boy. I hope our families will be able to meet in person someday. :)