Wednesday, April 19, 2006

karate kid

The boy is kickin' up a storm now. This morning, Bach was on the classical music station when it came on just after 7 o'clock, so Steve and baby and I lay there for a while listening (and in the baby's case, partying like it was 1999). Steve put his hand on my tummy, feeling it. "Was that one?" Yup. "That one, up there?" Yup. "Now he's down there." Yup. He's everywhere now.

My weekly e-mail from

You're 23 weeks pregnant. Feeling pretty good? Turn on the radio and sway to the music. With his sense of movement well developed now, your baby can feel you dance. Those dainty fetal movements have progressed to karate kicks. You may even be able to see your baby squirm underneath your clothing. You may notice throughout your pregnancy that some symptoms subside while others surface. These days, for example, you may find that any tension headaches you'd been getting are a thing of the past, but your feet may start to swell soon. (Time to get out your roomiest, most comfy shoes or invest in a new pair.)

Too true. And leaning down enough to put socks on or tie shoelaces is getting harder by the day. Thank God for spring sandals and Danskos. Now I just have to tackle the leg-shaving part!


Liz P. said...

Yeah, he definately sounds like a little boy :) He's going to be a handful if his in tummy acrobatics have anything to say about it. Can't wait till it's my turn!

Susanne said...

Em, do you know which Bach piece it was?

Emilie said...

Sue - according to the playlist on the Minnesota Public Radio Web site, it was Bach's Orchestral Suite #1: Overture. (It was followed, I remember, by a beautiful version of Schubert's Ave Maria with a cello playing what is normally the voice part. We listened to that, too, and then got up.)