Sunday, May 7, 2006

more pregnant pics

A coworker of mine has loaned me her Nikon D70 for the weekend. Sweet camera. I am one of those people who have clung to film cameras while everyone else has slid into the digital era, partly because I love my Nikon N80 so much. (I am a bit of a Luddite that way. I am proud to say that when my three-year-old Handspring Visor went kaput last summer, I replaced it with the old-fashioned papyrus version - my Filofax - and it was the best decision I could have made. I love being able to write on paper again!)

But as it happens, Nikon's SLR digital cameras allow you to interchange lenses with their film cameras, and that's mighty tempting. They also have great resolution, quick shutter speeds, and the flexibility of manual settings I like with SLRs. On the other hand, they're expensive, especially compared to their equivalent film siblings, so it gives me pause before leaping into anything. I've been looking at the D50, which is a scaled-down, less pricey version of the D70, so we'll see ...

Anyway, because it's fun to try out new cameras, I have more pregnant belly shots to post. (Steve liked using this camera, too - especially the fact that he could see results instantly.) The top I'm wearing really accentuates things - it makes me look like I have a basketball hidden under there! For those keeping track, I am almost 26 weeks pregnant - just a couple of weeks away from the third trimester.

And for those just tuning in, see here and here for earlier belly pics. (I am just amazed at how much I am growing. I look huge in comparison to how I did at the end of March, and I can't imagine how I'm going to look by the time I'm ready to give birth!)


liz said...

You look fantastic! I looked at your old belly pics, and noticed that in the last one, you referred to the baby as a soccer ball. Here, it's basketball. I wonder what comes next... maybe beach ball? Just kidding. You are such a beautiful mom!

Emilie said...

Ah, thanks! Yes, that beach ball scenario is exactly what I wonder ... :)

Christina said...

Yes, Emilie, you look gorgeous! (I love your curls, too.)

By the way, thanks for the interesting camera info. You know, I've been old-school film forever and then just this December I got a nice digital camera and I LOVE IT! Though the camera was pricey, I have saved so much money not developing every single picture. Plus, I can improve my photography skills by more freely snapping shots at every angle and comparing (w/o the cost restriction).

Anyway, I'm sure no matter what you use for Your Little Prince you'll post lots of shots -- we'll be holding you to it. I really appreciate how many fun, varied pictures you put on this blog. Keep it up! : )

Cynthia said...

It's a darn shame that you look that nice pregnant!!!
I mean it...
You know there are people out there who are secretly hating you for looking so good when you are walking around as two!!!!
You look so happy. And by an earlier post where you talked about how Stephen makes up songs about you, I know he is happy, too. Does he blog, too?
On the digital camera thing, I'm old school, too.
I want to talk on my phone, I don't care about taking barely visable photos with it, text messaging, or paying to download a ring tone to it.
I'm okay with listening to a radio. I don't want to buy a $200 to $400 device that will require me having to pay to download music I like. I don't mind commercials.
And I want to hold my prints in my hand. Unless you spend mega bucks for a really, really good digital camera, all of the prints look kind of faded to me. I don't want that. Since I scrapbook, I wonder how well those digial photos will last over the decades. Will they fade like early color pictures did?
While I love the technolgy, there is something speical to me about holding color prints in my hand.
The fact that my home computer is not working right now might also be playing a factor into my decision....(smile)

Cynthia said...

You know what Emilie, I've become addicted to reading your posts!!!
I check here daily, sometimes twice a day to see what you've written. I check this site more than I check the London Times, Charlotte Observer, The Chicago Time, the Commercial Appeal and a bunch of other newspaper sites.
Does that make sense?
Apparently, I care more about how you and your unborn son are doing than what those papers are writing about. There was a time that I looked at each of those papers daily.
I can't tell you the last time I did that.
Because of you, I've created my own blog.
Girl... (picture me rolling my neck) You have some serious influence. You are good. What else can I say.

Liz p. said...

Emilie you look so beautiful and happy! :) I can't imagine that changing even if you do get to beach ball proportions!

Emilie said...

LOL - You guys, I just have tell you that for every good picture I post here, there are a half dozen horrid ones that no one sees (or that got deleted from the digital immediately)! But thank you.

And Cynthia, I'm happy I started this blog if only because it means we are in better touch with each other's lives now. I check in with yours every day, too (even if I don't always comment!). :)

Monkeymama said...

You look so happy!

I hung on to my film camera tooth and nail, but still agreed that we should buy ourselves a digital camera the Christmas before Beck was born.

It only took 1 roll of newborn photos for me to switch to digital. I found it difficult to pose a newborn so that she looked at all pretty in the photos. Having the option of removing red eye is also great!

My dad has a digital Cannon SLR and has taken some beautiful shots of Beck. It was helpful that he could adjust the lighting or her pose between shots.

Ellen said...

I check your blog every day too! And I never thought I would get into blogs because for me it's tedious to check every blog of every person I know who has one. You've really made yours tasteful and informative. Is there an award for best blog??
Interesting comments....I hope there is a backlash to all the technology we use in phones, cameras, computes, radios, etc. I will go so far to say that I write much better stories when I write a rough draft by hand on paper, like I used to in grade school. I think I spend more time sitting in front of a computer trying to figure out what to write and how, than sitting down at a desk and getting my thoughts out on paper and typing it out later!!

Emilie said...

Well, Ellen, I'm flattered! (Of course, I am your sister, so I'm happy you check in ...) :)

Susanne said...

Oh Em! You look so beautiful! Wow, you're big! I was talking with a pregnant woman the other day who was two weeks away, and she looked smaller than you! Mary was pretty big - I bet you'll have a healthy sized baby boy! And I just love that Maternity Shirt. Too bad you can't wear them afterward. Or you could, just for kicks! But Em, you look just beautiful and healthy. Can't wait to have our nephew come into the world!