Sunday, May 7, 2006

our ireland reunion

I am posting this for the benefit of Kate, our lovely tour guide, who couldn't be there in person for the reunion of our Ireland group Saturday. We had a wonderful time catching up, and the corned beef, cabbage and soda bread Jacqui made for us was fabulous! (And I think all the ladies harbored secret fantasies of taking Jacqui's dressing room home with us.)

This isn't the best picture in terms of composition — but it sums up my best memories of our trip: lots of laughter. That's Colleen, Larry, Leroy and Andrea.

Here are Tish and Jeanne with their gorgeous smiles.

And here's Leroy with his fun-loving smile.

The McCarthys, who (as you may remember) share a name with the family of Blarney Castle fame!

The ladies ... Mary, Tish and Laverne.

Here's Ray with a beautiful painting he made from our trip. (Did he send you a copy, Kate?)

We can't forget Rose and Gene (a.k.a "The Crooner") Sweet!

Here's the ever-delightful Bob (Jeanne's husband) and Marian.

I took this picture of the archbishop as he listened to us sing him Happy Birthday. (He turned 73 on May 2.)

Now he's holding his gift from us — the Waterford crystal bowl.

Here are Colleen and Steve, chatting.

Of course, everyone likes to have a picture taken with the archbishop!

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