Tuesday, June 27, 2006

chocolate torte goodbyes

Liz and her husband, Seth, are moving to Albuquerque soon, and some of us got together with her at Cafe Latte tonight for dessert and a little sendoff. We had a good time — such fun people to be with. It's hard to believe this was probably the last time I will see her for quite a while. I will miss you, Liz. I know life is going to hold many new adventures for you, hopefully all good ones. (You deserve that.) Keep on bloggin'!

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liz said...

Aww, thanks, Emilie! I'm really going to miss you. And I'm going to miss welcoming your Lemmon drop into the world, because I've been so excited for you two for so long. I'll just have to be a virtual auntie of sorts, I guess. :) You've been such an amazing friend to me over the years!

P.S. Your book plates came in and I forgot to bring them last night! Arghhh. I'll leave them in your mailbox sometime soon. :)