Tuesday, September 19, 2006

calling my fellow sunset high alum

Do any of you remember Courtney Taylor, the good-looking guy from the Class of '85 who always sported some cool new wave or mod look and was in a band? I believe there were more than a few girls who had crushes on him. ... Well, Steve and I watched a documentary from Netflix this weekend called DiG, about the rivalry between two indy bands from the West Coast, one of which is the Dandy Warhols. Lo and behold, the film's narrator — and singer-songwriter for the Dandy Warhols — is the very same Courtney Taylor! Apparently, they are quite popular in Europe, and Steve's brother-in-law likes them, too. What a small world.


Ellen said...

That guy went to Sunset? No way! Well, so did Tommy Thayer, who either was/is in KISS. Another SHS alum is Morten Lauridson, a well-known sacred choral composer.
Those were Sunset's glory days. I say that because of cuts to school funding, Sunset High School no longer has a music program, except for band.

Emilie said...

Really, Ellen? No more orchestra? Wow ... that's sad.

Susanne said...

Ellen, Sheet Music Service sells a lot of Morten Lauridson stuff!

And Emilie, another thing I learned from my 11 years at Sheet Music Service is that V.J. Singh is a well-known choral composer, and a lot of his choir music is published my major publishers (like Alfred Publishing).

BTW Courtney is hot! I think I may remember him or the name at least.

And Ellen, Sunset's orchestra either folded, or is now conducted by the band director, which is as good as folded. Emilie, remember the orchestra? Marlene was definately in a constant state of PMS, but I give that orchestra credit for my passion for classical music! All three of us are lucky to have participated in Orchestras when they were still there.

Ellen said...

Think of all the young people with a passion for music that they won't have a chance to discover in high school through music programs. The state of education is sad. They pour money into vocational programs and achieving core academic standards. If kids want to pursue strings, they have to do it somewhere else like through a violin school. So...Send our kids to private schools, girls!!