Monday, September 18, 2006


Things I did for the first time this weekend:

Drove my car! I wasn't supposed to drive for the first two weeks after the c-section, and I gave myself another week off because I was still on Percocet. (No driving on narcotics.) And, to be honest, I didn't know if I was capable of slamming on the brake pedal without rupturing anything. So anyway, driving was fine. Yippee.

Left home without my guys! I ventured out on Saturday for a few hours to get my hair done and to go to Target. I filled a bottle with breastmilk ahead of time, and Steve fed Daniel (his first time having a bottle), and no one went hungry. I did miss them, though. It was so nice to come home to them.

Took Daniel to church! We went to an afternoon Mass at the Basilica, and he was actually pretty good. The homily was spot-on, too — all about suffering for the sake of love — just what I needed to hear at a time when I struggle almost every night with the constant wakings and middle-of-the-night feedings. Daniel started fussing after the homily, so Steve and I went in search of a room where I could feed him. We ended up in the basement social room, but my sister-in-law tells me the bride's changing room is a good spot, too, so maybe we'll try that next time. We got back upstairs right in time for Communion, after which we left. All in all, a good experience for all of us!

Cut a whole chicken into parts! This has nothing to do with babies, but it was a first for me. :) I was making a chicken and potato recipe from Real Simple, which called for chicken parts (although now I think it would be just as good with the standard chicken breasts we usually buy). I couldn't find any cut-up chickens on Simon Delivers, so I bought a whole chicken, thinking it couldn't be too hard, and consulted my cookbooks for instructions on how to divide it into wings, drumsticks, thighs, breasts, etc. It was a thoroughly gross task, full of cutting through tendons and ripping joints out of their sockets. Ugh. As I think I've said before, I would make a terrible doctor! But the end result was yummy, so I'm glad I did it. Maybe the next time will be easier.

Got six hours of sleep! Yes, they weren't consecutive hours, but on Friday night, and then again last night, Daniel actually slept for more than 10 minutes in his Pack & Play bassinet between feedings! I can't tell you how thrilled Steve and I were to have a couple of hours of sleep here and there. And to be in the same bed at the same time! We could actually snuggle! We feel like Daniel might be turning a corner and getting adjusted to nighttime. I hope so.


LutherLiz said...

Yay! Progress is good! 6 hours of sleep is good too ;)

I'm glad to hear that things are working into routines and there are some wonderful new experiences for your family!


Susanne said...

Em, it's great that you took Daniel to church! I'm not a holy-roller or anything, but it's always good to hear about exposing one's child to the church.

liz said...

Hooray for six hours of sleep! And driving, getting your hair done, and other things that make you feel like a regular person. :)

We're thinking of you across the miles! Lots of hugs!

Carrie said...

it sounds like you are getting there, baby steps, baby steps! :) I bet it seems like forever that you've really "connected" to the outside world, but enjoy every last minute/second w/Daniel!!! He is absolutely gorgeous, Emilie! It sounds like things are moving along well for your "new' family!