Wednesday, October 11, 2006

dreamin' of a white halloween

A hard snow shower blew through for about 10 minutes this afternoon, and then the sun came out again. After eight years living in Minnesota, I'm still not used to snow in October. For heaven's sake, the summer flowers haven't even died yet! It's freakish to me to see pink and purple flowers mixed with orange and red (and green) leaves mixed with ... white. Wierd. My family is coming to town this weekend for Daniel's baptism. I hope Minnesota puts on a good show for the Oregonians!


Susanne said...

Em, what a beautiful picture! At first, I thought it was a painting. I'm sure it didn't feel as beautiful out there as in the photo! Like you said, I hope MN puts on a good show for us.

Chris said...

I take that that weren't here for the great halloween blizzard?

Holy Crap...that was 15 years ago. Never mind.