Tuesday, November 21, 2006

technical issues

Every since I switched to the new Blogger beta format, I've noticed (or heard about) some issues with compatability with the old version. I'm confused!

1. Are some you having trouble leaving comments? Susanne, you said in an e-mail that you got an "under repair" message recently. Has that resolved itself?

2. A couple of times, I've been unable to leave comments on blogs that haven't switched to the new format yet. But other times, I've had no problems.

3. To the "Elizabeth" who left comments on my last two posts: I am guessing you're Raspberry/Starbucks Liz ... but no profile shows up when I click on your name. Is this related to the above problems with posting comments, or to me being on the beta version and you not?

If someone who is more Blogger-savvy than me would like to explain it all, I'd love it.


liz said...

Oh - that's really weird. I noticed that it didn't have me as "liz," too, but didn't really give it much thought. (Yes, it was me!)

I'm not using the beta version yet, but I want to! I really want to start labeling my posts...

Hope you get some answers to these questions!

liz said...

Okay, now I'm showing up. I wonder if I wasn't logged in before or something??

Ellen said...

Em, I haven't had a problem, but a couple of things to point out: It takes longer for the page and links (to comment boxes, for example) to upload. I also find it less pleasing with all the text and photos on the left side. Sometimes the arrangement of your material shows up in different places.
I LOVE the baby photos! Very elegant and artsy, just the way you like it. Will you bring some prints home for Christmas that I can frame for my apt.? (One would just rock my health and family feng shui section).
Your bod is still changing, so give it time. Brittany has nannies, personal trainers and money to buy the time she needs to do hundreds of crunches and sit-ups a day. It's not realistic for women to have that body so soon after having kids. Walk and get aerobic exercise each day, try some pilates, yoga and other non-impact exercises to target the ab area and start dancing again.

LutherLiz said...

I typed a long post reply yesterday and it got eaten but our internet has been icky here so I wasn't sure what the cause was. I intend to type it out again soon but I didn't have the time to last night.